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I work for publix. I have for over 5 years. I have a manager (direct) with whom I had an affair with.

He told his wife, and she supports my side, because he is a lying backstabber, alcholic, s***head.

This has been layed out on the table since march, the affair happend in Jan. it is now july and things are only getting worse. he and his wife are getting a divorce. ( big suprise )... but... she told me that she would be there for me, and I the same for her. I am 18+ he is 45+ and the exwife is 50+...

she agreed to go to the manager with me and tell him what happend and back me. my manager has been questioned about it before and lied every time. (more than 5 times) I however, have never been questioned... I am afraid that I will too lose my job, even though I never lied to anyone because I have never been asked if the accusations were true.

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Funny...this story sounds so familiar. The only thing is I would never help you.

You also got my age wrong...your not good at hiding this situation. Most definitely you have been asked about it. It looks bad When his wife comes in telling you how trashy you are. Guess that "accident" you had a few months ago Linda gave it away huh:)...

U watched me shop at the store and saw the family pics on the wall when You came in my home for Your nasty photosession. U wanna throw a pity party for yourself now? Sorry but you didn't throw a pity party for my kids did u.

I'm pretty sure This is the trash that messed up my marriage and if not then They need to be more careful about the *** They hire. I Hope u get what you deserve.


Bet you thought that by sleeping with a manager it would help you either get full time, better hours or whatever you wanted. #1 Rule - stay away from married men #2 - Never sleep with the boss (makes the workplace very uncomfortable)

You and the manager should be fired and for next job suggest you try rule #3 - which is keep your legs crossed.


File a complaint with your stores employee relations specialist> The number can be found on the Open Door Policy Poster located in the stores break room.


You should both be fired - the policies are very clear. Did you know he was married??

Of course you did!! How typical - as long as you were getting something out of it, no problem, but now you want to whine and complain.

:cry . Next job, keep your hands off other women's husbands.


You should be fired, we don't need people like you working for Publix. Especially when you smear your stupidity on the internet.


Publix is no more than a peyton place!!You go there to pick up someone else's husband or wife,seen it first hand! Guess that's why they're such a "family" store??



Keep your legs closed!!


:grin u are sooo dumb


Here is a little tip for you free of charge:

Left leg, this is your right leg. Might want to keep them together.


She's going to be there for you. She is going to be there to watch you get fired.

You can trust her about much as she can trust you. Next time, find your own man.