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I have enjoyed Publix since 2003, the stores and their people. I've had my eighth shoulder surgery in April of 2015.

A severe infection and irreparable damage is dictating a total replacement. Needless to say I am on Oxycodone for pain.My local publix in Spring Hill, Fla has filled it several times. I am spending 90% of my time in Ocala with my girlfriends mom due to her health. Rather than drive nearly a hundred miles south I went to the Publix pharmacy at 2655 NE 35th street, one mile from her home to fill a script for pain.

The young girl behind the counter went to talk with a white haired woman, who looked over at me with suspicion. The girl tells me they don't have my meds. Don't know when and if they'll get them, and refused to put my prescription in their system. They lied to my face.

I am a citizen, an Navy vet, a 34 year retiree from Verizon, not some street druggie. I am really pissed.

Reason of review: DISRESPECT.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Publix Cons: Pharmacy.

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Sorry that happened just waste of time and gas nobody's care about veteran that fight in the war