I shop and live near two stores since I live near the intersection of Apopka Vineland Rd. and Sand Lake rd.

Both of these stores are usually very busy but since the opening of the neighborhood Walmart on Conroy Rd., the store near Isleworth has not been as busy, so I usually shop there even though I live closer to the other. Lately though, it doesn't matter which store I shop at, they're usually out of stock on sale items and all they can offer is a apology and a rain check. What about the time and money that I've wasted or time and money that Publix have wasted on planning and advertising of those sale items that they did not sell? I have noticed that in the last couple of years, the two stores have had a change in associates including new and younger managers.

It seems like the company have lost it's senior, experienced leaders and are replacing them with young ones that seem to be more worried about partying or socializing with other associates than service. I've been shopping with Publix since the early 80's and know what this company was all about. This company have changed for the worse and lost its basic values and qualities from a consumer's perspective.

Maybe it is time for me to look somewhere else that will take my money in exchange for product and service.

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I overheard from one of the associates say that one of their corporate VPs live in the area close to the store on Sandlake Rd. I guess that he doesn't shop at this Publix, or he would know what's going on.

Then, maybe he does, but doesn't care enough since he is collecting the corporate pay check. It's what happens when you're VP. You just want to be popular and liked.

They expect the store management to do that, but that doesn't work either, since most of them are just kids managing kids and we all know how that works.


It's true. I live in the same area and they're always out of sale stuff.

They are supposed to have enough sale products to last with some cushion until the next delivery comes. It's not like the products they put on sale are not every day products that people don't buy after the sale and they don't have any knowledge of what they sold previously, the store has been there for over a decade. Things like this does happen but should not be routine, and should not come from a company like Publix.

We expect more out of them because they are supposed the best food retailer in the southeast.


Just so I understand, your complaint is they don't have items in stock? How long do you expect sale items to be on the shelf?

They are on sale and just like you maybe other customers have come in when the sale started and got those items. Maybe publix didn't get another truck or other merchandisers haven't came to restock those items just yet. You're really blaming a company for running out of items. This is happens at any grocery store.

It depends on the time of day you shop also.

By the way I live in the Orlando area as well and I experience the same at the publix locations near me sometimes, not all of the time though. It happens anywhere.


Sorry to hear about your experience.

The best way to "light a fire under the *** of the management teams in question at these two stores would be to either call or write an e-mail to the Publix corporate office.

If they value their jobs and their chances at promotion, Publix managers take these corporate complaints very seriously. They are documented and if they add up... it spells trouble for these managers.

Make sure to cite the particular store numbers in your e-mail.

I hope things improve for you! Best of luck...