Land O Lakes, Florida

I ask for some that we're still frozen as I was not going to prepare them immediately.

I was told the ones in the window were still frozen. I told the guy behind the counter that they had no claws.

He pointed out an extremely small claw on only one of the clusters and I laughed and said that little thing. He did seem to be interested in how much I would or what I wanted. I told him never mind , I'd find something else. Found so chicken skewers and got them.

The girl at the counter ask if I found everything and I I told her the guy at the seafood counter sucked and her response was , " yeah he sucks". Told them thanks but I wouldn't be back.

GOOD JOB! Guess I don't need to support your establishment.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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sound like you never have purchased king crab legs before. Normally people buy them because of the thick meaty legs and sweet tasting meat. With your attitude, I wouldn't want your business either.


Publix is number 2 in customer satisfaction. They won't miss you so buy your crab legs at wal mart and they will probably come with *** on them. Enjoy


When the fish department smells like bait stay away jerry


What is funny is how you call an adult old enough to work a girl when you act as if you are four years old. Laughing and saying that little thing is very childish and you call the employee a girl rather than lady?

Also making a comment saying that the guy sucks is childish also. Stop calling people girls when you behave like a five year old.


Worst grocery chain in America. The most rude, apathetic employees in America, worst Executive Staff in America, bar none, and the worst quality of products sold, out of date, inferior quality, etc., etc., etc.

God, please bring a far more competitive grocery chain to Florida, as the only reason that PUBLIX succeeds is that they are a monopolistic entity, who can serve garbage and get away with millions of peoples hard earned money.