Naples, Florida

Location : Kings Lake Plaza Naple Florida !! Store is dirty....Vegtables all withered..

Berries with mold....Rotten meat...... Always low on product. ..Slow checkouts, all the cashiers do is talk talk talk. Mexican and haitian workers just stand around and barely speak english !!

Just a Rotten,Dirty Store !! Store is old and decrepted !! I've complained for years and all that is done is prices go up and up !!! Rottiecerie Chickens are half cooked.......bakery department seldom wear gloves or hats !!!

Disgusting to say the least..My advice..Get with it and stop selling garbage... Shopping is NOT a pleasue there !!!!

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--------- planet of the apes------- :grin :p :eek :zzz :(


you're racist and can't spell. aka no one cares what you have to say.


Learn how to SPELL, also.


wow! While I will agree that some of the employees are lazy I will say most are very good at what they do.

Just because you've had a bad experience doesnt mean everybody else. you have many more stores to choose from if you're going to complain about my neighborhood publix. Stop being a racist *** and go somewhere else.

The people in the bakery always wear hairnets and gloves when I see them. I just think you had nothing better to do so you bitched!


There are 20 stores in naples. SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!