Plantation, Florida
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i buy comstock cherry pie filling at publix. i noticed that publix dosent carry that brand anymore.

i shop publix in plantation and sunrise and both stores no longer carry that brand. i make great cheese cake and love that filling. when are you getting it back??? why would i need a 100 words to tell you that im not happy about you guys not having my favorite comstock cherry pie filling.

i tried some other *** pir fillings in your stores but they dont compare with comstock cherrypie filling. i may have to go to wynn dixie and i hate that store

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Go to win dixie they will have that and accept your food stamps.


Could you say cherry pie filling 1 more time im not sure its understood that you want comstock cherry pie filling


comstock cherry pie filling got bought out by Duncan hines cake mixs


Publix will do a special order for you, all you have to do is go to the front desk and ask. They did it for a certain gravy for one lady every November.

They'll call you when it's in too.


You don't need 100 words to tell Publix about your complaint, but this website wants 100 words. This site has nothing to do with Publix.

Stores discontinue products that they don't sell enough of to make it worth handling. Just because you buy it, doesn't mean they will handle it just for you.


Actually yes they will