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I guess yhey gave a secret shopper guy who follows me around when im in tbe store now mind you i have never stolen from this store or any other so that in its self if very hurtful. Now i have a manager that everyone complains about telling me i have been trespassed this is also false.

These folks dont even know my full name.

It upsets me as most ppl working there are fantastic people ppl. This grocery store is close to my home and I stop in for tons of reasons Western Unions paying bills or using their Coinstar as well as my day today shopping so to be treated as if I am a less-than upstanding citizen by a gentleman who just feel some type of way about me is disheartening and disgusting to say the very least I will the filing a formal complaint with Publix and making sure they document the mismanagement and poor treatment by their manager Adam I think he's just a front of the house like not a store manager by like your front of the house Bag Boy manager anyway I don't think any person deserves to be treated the way that I've been treated I may even call the news regarding this because again I've never stolen taking or done anything in this storeand or any other

Location: 1100 Dunn Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32218

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You should be given $500.00 worth of free groceries for your harassment.

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