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I have been with Publix for eleven years.I am a produce manager.Publix does not care about there people like they say. It's all about how much money the owners make.

Stock keeps going down but profits keep going up.What do we get in return, less help,money taken away from our bonus, and more attitude from the DM.You here publix is a family company, no If working sixtey hours a week and driving 30 miles to work and 30 miles home.

eight hours in between shifts kind off hard to spend time with the family.

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Cry baby! Go get another job then!


Most of the people complaining, are the people that will never make it anywhere regardless of where you are. I've been with Publix 4 years.

I'm a GTL on the grocery team, and I'm on my way towards management. Making more money then most, getting $1.50 pay rasies.

Having the right mindset is all it needs to flourish. Put me in a *** storm, and I'll come out with daises.


To,St. Petersburg, The real truth about promotion is how you perform,(1-pull your pants down and do what your manager tells you to do,(2- and if you perform on manager make sure you swallow,(3- do not scream that is a no-no(4-and do not show and tell, How do you feel after you bent over and had the rod up our a-s so far it came out of your mouth?


Buddy you said it all


hey *** off no one is getting a 1.50 raise from publix... unless you were not making what a GTL was supposed to get..

so stop spouting you're ***...

take in some more years dude. I've seen it all and you are throwing the corporate bs to these people.


An ignorant, uneducated fool who doesn't even know to write "their" instead of "there," "hear" instead of "here," and "sixty" instead of "sixtey" is lucky to have a job at all, much less one with a great company like Publix.

Publix stock has provided an excellent return for many years, is rising, not "going down," and the writer of this whining, socialist drivel is typical of the ignorant mob that runs its mouth without having any idea what they are talking about.

If he works 60 hours a week, how can he only have "eight hours in between shifts?"

(There are 168 hours in a week). Makes no sense, like most of his ignorant tripe.

Like many of the other whiners who have commented on and agreed with his ravings, he belongs to that group that thinks the world owes them a living, and vote for Obama and similar socialists.


Do keep POTUS out of the conversation.


Publix stock has been going down for a year and half...........Hopefully it will make a come back.


They treat their suppliers worse than their employees. I was not allowed to supply them anymore because of a comment I made about a store director.

Everyone else knows it's true, I was the only one with stones big enough to say what he was and was kicked out of every other store in the area. Be very proud Publix, pride always come before the fall. Mr. Jenkins used that pride against his old employer and one day someone will do the same to you.

Keep treating your associates and suppliers, this way. I will pray for you.

@Thomas Jefferson

Thomas, you said something bad about your company's customer, and they kicked you out? I'm not sure in what world that is considered ill treatment.

It's certainly a *** thing to do on your part.

Maybe you weren't the only one that "had the stones", you could have been the only one that had "the lack of judgement". Seriously, your inability to see how you screwed up is telling.


:grin 8) :p :eek :zzz :x


I dont even work there and I hate it. My boyfriend thinks its the best job he has ever had.

Its only ruining our relationship.

Publix thinks they should come before friends and family. The give *** shifts, and all around are a bad company.


I been working for Public about 8 months. I been trying to get in the back.

They hire and new kid gave him a 10 hour shift. But I only get 12-5 hours. That's bull ***. Don't make any money.

I could be working at finish line make more money. Publixs suck ***.


I have been with Publix for 5 years, and when I first started in the Miami division, I absolutely loved it. My managers were extremely nice, and they supported me when I asked to learn the register.

I was trained very quickly, and earned my "title" and slight pay increase in a timely manner. After a while, I had to move to the Lakeland division and it was awful. I wasn't given hours or anything because I wasn't in the clique with the people who were basically born there. I wasn't even considered to be trained in the office until 2 years later when there was a manager change.

Even now, because I'm "not fully trained" in the back office (I haven't closed a lot) I'm doing a CSS job, but still in that fugly vest while the NEW clique gets the pretty blouses & pretty much STILL getting paid ***. I recently got another job to supplement my income, and they started me off at a dollar less than I make now, after five years with Publix. I'm also fed up with the way they treat my boyfriend.

He's been trying for management for years, and they just keep giving him the run-around because he refuses to kiss anyone's ***, choosing instead to work hard & let his work speak for itself. Unless you go to work & put someone's *** in your mouth (excuse my french) you will get NOWHERE in this company.


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i have been with the company about ten years, made it to management after 1 year and a half. as an associate then raises were anywhere from .50cents to $1.50 or more.

Manager raises/weekly were $50 to a hunderd or more. Now, associate raises are a quarter regardless or performance and you have to fight tooth and nail to get a hard working employee a spit in the face raise of 50cents and as a manager you are lucky if you get a 20 dollar a week raise. This has been the norm for several years now. New hires have to wait an eternity to get full time and when they do it takes years and years and years for them to ever reach top out pay.

Bonuses have been slashed and raises have all but been frozen while sales and net profit continue to rise each and every quarter. Even newly promoted managers are looking at a decade before they reach top out pay. They are certainly not the same company i started with.

i do understand that raises and bonuses are something none of us are entitled to and i know that publix does not have to do any of it but don't tell me they care about employees when they are giving 25cent raises to people that work their butt off. and there are very few of them and i don't blame them.

if you are a piece of *** or the hardest worker in the store everyone gets a quarter. sounds like we work for a bunch of freakin communists if you ask me.


:( I understand


Ok so tell me why you judge the whole company by just a few people. That would be like saying all people are *** because yall are being one to someone who likes the company.

You get out of it what you put into it.

you say your so great at your job, I would like to see what your bosses say about you. Dont break your arm patting yourself on the back.


"I heart publix," it is no surprise in the least that you would sing the praises of this company. You're married to a manager, for crying out loud.

I've been with the company for five years, I'm part time, even though I manage to work circles around everyone else in my department. I've never called in sick, I've never called out due to injury. All of these comments that you see here about how the suits only care about the bottom line, are 100% fact. No company, no JOB, is ever more important than family.

My grocery team leader? With the company over 15 years and he STILL has no clue what he's doing more than half the time. I know more about the company and my particular store than he does, yet he's team leader, and I'm toiling away. MY assistant grocery manager always tries to have me stay late, when he knows I have plans after my scheduled hours.

There's another man in my department, who calls in because he's either sick or injured. And when he's there he barely does anything he's assigned to him. He's on his phone most of his shift on any given day. His work almost always gets pawned off on me, or I end up covering him.

It's amazing he even still has a job to begin with, but alas, full time, ten years running. My management at my store could care less about what actual stocking work gets done, as long as the store is "blocked" nice and pretty, in detail.

Sure, let's do that instead of getting our real jobs done, right? So backwards.


Wow Brittney, you are such a cheerleader for Publix. You have a way to go girl because you have only been there 3 years.

You really seem to act like your such a know it all when you have only had a short time with the company.

Two raises a year, that sounds like the person in the last paragraph of the underneath post. Publix itself was a great company at one time but it is the new people they are hiring that makes it stink.