Boca Raton, Florida

It is inappropriate situation. I usually do groceries shopping not in Publix.

But today in the morning I needed the easiest way... I bought two pieces of food and a box with chocolates. Paid for my purchase, I took my Publix bag with no checking and went home. And only at home I realized than I did not take the chocolate box.

So, I returned to this store in 10 minutes (maybe less) and asked cashier about my box. And it was sooooo unbelievable when she made really surprised face what I was talking about, asked to show the receipt... When I gave it, she could not say anything trying to read whole list of my purchases. At the end of this show she directed me to Customer Service.

It was another one show, when two ladies could not find a manager. Finally, they said that he would be at 13-00....

My anger was no the limit!!! How should I deal in such situations?! It was no question about money (it is just 5$).

Anybody wants to help me!

I really could not find any reasonable answer! It is a matter of principle!

The Store Manager is Chris Chase.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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and can you really say you were surprised at the abusive way publix treated you as a customer? BOYCOTT PUBLIX


Boycott these nuts

You probably stole the candy in the first place


That is ridiculous! I'm really sorry that the staff there wasn't properly trained to deal with something so simple.

At my store, my manager has told me (within reason), if something like that happens, replace it for them as quickly as possible.

That makes me mad that somebody representing MY company with that kind of service :(