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I've been a bagger for Publix for almost 3 years at 2 stores and already I've lost all love for the company.

My 1st store was amazing, it was truly family-like. Everyone worked as a team, no one minded doing extra work to help out another co-worker. Our manager graded you on how you worked and was practically our 2nd mother. I kid you not I almost enjoyed coming in to work.

6 months ago I moved to St. Augustine and transferred to another store, the place is so pathetic its funny. Hours are used as a weapon. "Sick and you have to call in? Ok well we're taking away half your hours." I told them I didn't want to pick up an extra shift and they literally told me they're taking 6 hours away the next week. Favoritism of course is huge here. The manager and CCS are the most unorganized group I've ever seen at any business. And they use the baggers like freaking workhorses. I'm a 19 year old male, I can handle the workload, but there are other baggers the age of my grandparents that shouldn't have to work as fast and hard as I do.

It interesting to watch how morale affects work. A cashier from my 1st store also transferred to this store and within 3 weeks has become bitter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

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I work for publix as well I work at one store great work together maybe one or two bad customer but ok .the reason elderly are work at publix becauseSecurity disability don't pay them enough plus give them something to do for while something to look forward to


It is called a front service clerk you jack wagon


You are so rude it used to be called a bagger position and it is called a front service clerk now and if you work for public you should know this and you should not work for Publix if you act nasty to other people online or in person. Be considerate to others and do your history.


Its anonymous, so you will be safe, but something will get done!

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