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I have been going to the Publix, Boynton Beach, Fl, at 133 N.Congress since it opened about 4 years ago, and take the bus provided by the condo where I live. Since I take the bus, I have them bag the groceries and I rearrange, re-bag, into my thermal bag, and may take a few extra plastic bags for spreading things more evenly.

I had the most insulting experience on Friday 11/30/18, when a customer service rep approached me and told me that I am not allowed to re-bag, and I am not to take any of their plastic after they have finished bagging. She said that was Publix policy, they are a 'green store' and don't waste bags, don't allow customers to do bagging . She made me feel like a criminal, almost to the point of being accused of stealing, that despite the fact that I spend about a hundred dollars / week in that place. A very bad rude attitude, with a chip on her shoulder.

If this is Publix policy, her coarse approach was not the way to say it. Needles to say the other residents that also take the condo bus were outraged when I told them.

I e-mailed Publix Corporate and asked if this is their policy. I am waiting for their reply.

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