Hollywood, Florida

In stark contrast to the excellent service I have received at other Publix stores, at the Public located at 4075 N. Haverhill Road, WPB, Florida 33417, on Saturday, Nov.

12th around 5 p.m., I sustained a very deep cut to my foot when a 750 ml.

bottle of wine broke through the single plastic bag it was in and shattered as I removed bags of groceries from my car. A week later, I mentioned it to personnel at the Publix and was dismissively told that it is the customer's responsibility to ask for double bagging & insure their bags do not break.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Just like you this complaint and all of your other complaints are BOGUS!


Quit p[osting fake rants. This is your 5th on PC,My3Cents/planetfeedback, all supermarket injuries,