Orlando, Florida

For the first time i shopped at publix at 4402 curry ford road orlando fl phone 407-282-7997.

i checked out at 10:50 am.

cashier angela c bagged my groceries but the only thing she asked me was if i wanted to buy something that was 2 for a dollar i said yes.

when she finished bagging my groceries, gave me my receipt i commented this store is as bad as winn dixie cashiers there don't put the bags of groceris in the carts either.

angela c did not comment, just started checking out the next customer even though my groceries were down where they are being bagged.

i will never shop at publix again the prices are high and the customer service is terrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

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Not just old people need help putting groceries in their carts. Some people are disabled, and you may not know it by sight.

You don't have to have an arm missing to be disabled. Some people have injuries that flair up when lifting grocery bags, and they don't always have the luxury of having someone come along and help, and they still need food. Customer service should not be sacrificed when most of the lines are empty, and speed should not be a factor. When is it bad to go the extra mile when you can.

Not everyone is being lazy just because they need help.

Think of it this way, if you treat a customer poorly, the customer quits going to your store, eventually your store closes, and you have no job. It doesn't hurt to be customer friendly when you can, to go the extra mile to keep customers coming back.


Im sorry but if your that lazy to where you cant put your own groceries in the cart thats sad. We work at publix okay were not your slave.

Do u want me to take your groceries home for and unpack them in your refrigerator and cook for you too.... you must have to much time on your hands to write a comment about how a girl wouldnt put your groceries in your cart.


That is so ugly and so not Publix. It's not about being lazy.

There are stores where you can bag and load your own purchases but they are CHEAPER because they have reduced labor costs. A customer who pays premium prices does so for the service. Many grocery chains are cheaper than Publix, but I rarely shop anywhere else and when I do I regret.

I love my Tallahassee Publix. Their employees make every customer feel appreciated.


You were being rude so she ignored you. Day care providers do this with toddlers when they are rude or seek attention.

8 year old's Tasha, this person's behavior was more like a toddlers. If the cashier did comment you would post about how she got snarky with you. It was you not her that was rude.

If she were the rude one she would have commented rudely. Looks like you went there and made that comment to get a reaction, when that failed you wrote this review.


I work as a Cashier for one of the Publix locations and if the Cashier doesn't have a Bagger to bag for you, we try to bag as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Yes, we are supposed to ask you more questions than that of Amanda, but keep in mind that it is a hard thing to cashier and bag at the same time.


Of course Amanda did not comment. Why should she stoop down to the level of a 8 year old who is too lazy to put the bags in her cart.

What is wrong with your hands. You cannot even put your own *** groceries in your cart and you call her lazy?


You sound like a rude lazy ***! Get over yourself and move your lazy ***!


lazy ***


Last youre lazy and super rude. Put the groceries in the car.

She scan, and bag.

Next time bring your housbend to help you. Lazyyyyy


LOL *** lazy people - dude it's not our *** job to put the groceries in your cart!!!

I do it for 80 year ladies or disabled people, but for lazy people? It's not our job!!!

Angela bagged and put her groceries wher she was supposed to - be thankful, thats is ALL OUT JOB, we are not supposed to to do it. She has to WORK stop being a *** diva and do soemthing for your *** self.


Have a heart lady. She was probably a young teen working her first job and getting used to ego-filled customers like you.

It doesn't hurt to lend a helping hand either. Obviously you seem to be the problem expecting catered service like some movie star. Don't like Winn Dixie too - Can't comment there since I only shop at Publix.

Might try Walmart or 7-11 next time to do your shopping. Sure they'll treat you the same as you treat them.


Publix has the most awesome holiday commercials. Great customer service in Lake County at the 3 Publix stores I often shop at.

Best place to grab lunch near my workplace.

This woman does sound like a MacD's Walmart customer. Surprised she didn't expect the cashier for home delivery service too.


I agree this woman belongs with the frequent shoppers of Walmart. - Ms.prima-donna ...I have been shopping at Publix for over 30 years and everyone is always so nice.

Coming from the northeast where the customer usually bags their own groceries, I always help bag my groceries at Publix. The cashiers have always said thank you for helping them. Maybe its the type of customer respect I give other and receive in return. Wonder what this woman's own job ethics are?

Or if she lost some $$$$$$ job and taking her frustrations out on others.

Keep up the great work Publix employees.Thanks for BOGO sales and all the coupon at the door kiosk to help with the grocery shopping.


what a *** after make that kind the coment he expect respect just go wall mart o win dixie


Also, checking out at 10:50 at a store that closes at 10 will make a cashier a little angry as well considering they would like to go home, so it was possibly very difficult to keep her cheerful disposition after being kept over almost an hour so that you can check out. It takes roughly 45 minutes for everyone in the store to leave after the last customer leaves the store...just something to think about.


You were probably on the express lane since the cashier was scanning and bagging your order.

Express lanes do not get a bagger because they are supposed to be 10 or less in most Publix stores. It is assumed that express lanes are efficient so in most cases the customer loads the orders into the cart after the cashier scans/bags them.

Don't blame Angela for doing her job efficiently.


So, since you're too lazy to move your arms, she has to put your bags in your cart? It's not her job to do that! That's your job, you lazy slob.