Tallahassee, Florida

I work in one if the busiest im delis in Publix. They only give 8-10 hour shifts with one 30 minute break.

I bust my *** off working for them and if one day I dot do the dishes as fast as humanely possible or am working at a normal human pace and not the required crackhead speed that they want I get pulled aside and am told that I need to work harder and that I am not working hard enough for them. If I, just out of sheer attempt to find some small joy in my time at work, have some conversations with my coworkers while working I am told that I am there to work and not to socialize and that I need to show a sense if urgency in my work. I'll bust my *** one day to get *** done, and meet their expectations, and after 3 days of this my performance starts to decline because I an burnt out, but keep in mind in still working very hard.

(. Harder even than several coworkers) and I'll be told that I'm lazy because I'm not working as hard as hunsbeluly possible like usual

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As a longtime employee at Publix, I can tell you this (and I'm sure you already know): Deli is the most difficult department to work in at the store.

Always more customer, always more to clean, always more customers, always more to do... it sometimes feels never-ending.

If I were you (and I wanted to stay at Publix), I'd look into transferring to Produce or Meat department.

Or go back to school like I did. You gotta invest in yourself... whether you stay with Publix or not. The bottom sucks, so work towards a goal. It's the only way out...


In other words, you wash dishes because you have no skills and apparently cannot even do that in a timely and efficient fashion? You obviously made some mistakes in your early life and now must pay for it because you lack the skills to get a decent job.

However, it is never too late. Get a second job, get some training/education and eventually you will qualify for something other than being a dishwasher.


In deli (as i am) doing dishes is apart of our work. Along with cutting meat, making sandwiches,frying and putting up with pissy customers.