Atlanta, Georgia

This is not a major complaint about Publix, but more constructive criticism for our family's third favorite grocery store. , We were fairly disappointed in the ice cream social that was advertised in our area.

There was no ice cream when we first arrived, then when we returned 10 minutes later, the lady was still preparing ice cream.

I pictured being able to sample lots of different ice creams and toppings, but it was nothing like that. We brought our $5 off $40 purchase with us to snag some Ben and Jerry's, which was on sale, but we ended up leaving with just one item.

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When is there going to be a choice to shop in So. Florida?? We need another chain to come into our area to compete with Publix!!!


I guess Winn Dixie, Sedanos, Target, and Walmart aren't good enough for you?


I bet you're fat!


I myself attended the Publix Ice Cream Social and all they had was one type of ice cream being sampled. I thought the Ice Cream Social had many different ice creams to choose from but they only had once ice cream to sample.