Palm Harbor, Florida

I have been going to Publix as a customer for over 40 years. I love it and will only go there for my groceries.

It is always clean and I know where everything is. The aisles are wide and not cluttered. I buy my produce there also. It is as fresh as the produce stand.

The prices are competitive, and the staff friendly.

I have tried other grocery stores but always end up back at "My Publix". If I ever do get something that is not good I just take it back and they replace it or refund my money with no questions asked.

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I'm glad I. View it to customer and employees need to work together it's like house you want good people coming in If you own stock you would view it the same way


I agree with this customer. Though not all Publix stores are the same, I have had nothing but great service from the employees and the management.

I live near Destin, Florida and all the Publix stores here treat you kindly. I don't know about middle Florida or south florida, but the stores here are great. Employees are always wanting to help you, the isles are clean, and shelves are stocked.

I have read some of the comments posted from Publix employees saying they do not care about the customers. Well guess what?

who do think keeps your store going...ahh yes, the customer. It is called 'job security', and you don't care about the customer then you might be standing in the unemployment line.

Bottom-line, if you don't like working around customers, then get a job in an office. :(


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I once saw a rat climb into the meat grinder at the warehouse. I guess it tasted okay cause nothing ever came up. And now we don't have anymore rats in the store.


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