Birmingham, Alabama

I explained that I would need little training to work both produce and floral depts. as I have 12+ years experience in retail grocery in both of these depts.

as well as other depts. I did not expect full time at first but I did expect more than $8 an hour. For this money and hours they will get teens that have few responsibilities, wont work nights weekends, will be late and not dependable, wont last long and must be trained. It must get expensive to keep training employees that don't last because of too little pay.

At this rate this company will go in the red quickly just like Winn Dixie. Since this is how Publix wants to treat applicants, how will it treat customers in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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To bad you don't know one of the managers you could start at close to top pay. I left a grocery company for Publix and started at $9.50 hour.

Someone else I know had not worked in grocery business for over 15 years, but since he knew a manager started at $13.00 hour.

He was promoted 2 times in 6 months with .50 raises each time. I have to bust my *** just for a .25 raise, I still make less than $13.00 and have been looked over for promotions in favor of minorities, in order to prevent law suites, and the ones willing to join the good Ole boys club.


One thing I've learned about all grocery store chains(at least in my area)is the pay is dreadful. It is best to become a vendor at Frito Lay, something along those lines. They pay much better and give benefits...they are a lot harder to get into though...


Instead of demanding money and respect up front, how about you show up and actually WORK for a while in order to EARN the money and respect you desire.


Just a thought.


There are plenty of opportunities at a company like Publix, particularly in the new(er) areas like Birmingham, AL. But if you walk in the door with a sense of entitlement... yeah, you are probably going to be disappointed.


With your experience, I think $8/hr is an insult. I would much rather pay more for a mature, responsible and skilled employee, than someone with little or no experience, who will have to be trained and may not be as dependable.

But that's just me. Employers like to see how little they can get by paying people. And regarding the snarky comment about do you think they should give you $15/hr, yeah I think they should give you that. It is a more reasonable wage than $8.

And $15 is NOT a high hourly wage, though I imagine to some posters here, it is something unattainable! :grin


You must have a crystal ball to see the future! I don't see how getting offered $8 equals how they treat customers in the future.. If anything, it keeps prices down!


Also if you tough it out instead of whine Publix quickly becomes great place to work for with stock options, holiday bonuses, quarterly bonuses, 401K, health, vision, dental, and tuition reimbursement. But you're right who needs $8/hr? They should have started you with all those benefits and $15/hr!


Quit whining, $8.00 an hour is better than what some stores pay. If you are so great with you 12+ years of experience in a grocery store, why are you looking for a different job.

Your complaint makes it sound like you did a lot of bragging about your abilities and as a whole that doesn't go over real well. I don't know where you get your idea about teenage employees. I have known a lot of teenagers that are better workers than older people.

It depends on the maturity of the teen. Myself, I think you sound like a teenager with your sour grapes attitude.


So if they don't hire you they will go down? They know what they are doing, that's why they have a million dollar operation and you don't.

I agree that eight per hour sucks. So don't take the job but you do not have a legitimate complaint.