While the staff are always pleasant that doesn't quite cut it. Publix is high price for low quality.

This goes for meats and produce. On the meats...there aren't many different cuts of beef or pork to choose from....you can never find a bone in pork roast. As for roasts...you can't find any fat on them...be it beef or pork.And they no longer will give you a small packet of fat if you ask for it...in fact..they won't even sell you a packet of fat. So you're paying over the top prices for a lousy dry roast with no flavor.

Don't they know that it's fat that makes a roast delicious? Especially if you want to make gravy.

Produce is high priced and always ready to spoil. I often find onions with mold (not dirt) within the leave and their slimy. Potatoes always tend to be soft. Lettuce is always a guess until you get it home. No selection of hot peppers.

I don't know if these vegetables are brought to the store spoiling or the refrigeration is too close to freezing in the cooler or delivery trucks, but I'm sure that may be part of the problem.

Publix you charge too *** much for the quality you sell.

Get it together.

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I grew up with publicx, they once were the go to supermarket, their subs once upon a time top notch.. I have to agree as a man watching the evolution of this chain, the quality has suffered. The customer service has suffered, the employees are in adequate, also the prices are inflated!


Sorry, but not every Publix is like that.. Maybe you should try going to another Publix or, maybe, talk to a manager about your problems?

It's very hard to believe that you can never find a bone in pork roast and that the produce is always spoiled.

my Local Publix is the best, the manager is very accommodating and every time you have a complaint or a request to have them start carrying something in the store he takes your name and number and tries his hardest to meet your needs. So maybe next time just talk to a manger instead of coming on the Internet and blasting your opinion for everyone to see, which is just that, YOUR opinion so just keep it to yourself


your right people should keep their opinions to themselves,remember the old saying a penny for your thoughts,well publix does not like pennies,so keep your thoughts to yourself!


Produce is absolutely horrible, at each and every Publix I've been to. In general, all prices are very high.


The artichokes are ready for burial. How do the have the nerve to display them? Their prices are sky high.


Your an ***. I find it very hard to believe that they "NEVER" have any bone in roasts.

And the produce is "ALWAYS" spoiling! Ever thought about asking for the roast you want. Or telling someone about this so called spoiled produce.

I doubt it. Instead you blow up the Internet with your horrible opinion,


You sound like a very pleasant person yourself. Why don,t you go and blow yourself up?