Overland Park, Kansas

I was out shopping with my family today 8-15-2010 when we decided to stop by the Publix Supermarket on East Sunrise Blvd to buy a few products and I had recently saw the commercial about dannon yogurt so I decided to by a few along with some other purchases, to try and see if the product tasted good as it looked on tv but to my surprise when I open up the top of the yogurt I found a roach inside and I was truly disappointed with what I saw and so was my wife and children and I just had to let you know about the situation that occured from me wanting to try this product.

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:cry everyone wants something for nothing so ( lets blame publix they will give us something)so grow up where are your morials? that is why the world is in the shape we are. wanting something for nothing.


everone here says your a *** so yo umust be


Sometimes, when i get sad and lonely, i purchase some tasty Dannon yogurt and dump it down my pants.


What does this have to do with Publix? WHy wouldn't you just say Dannon?

Probably because like everyone else, you want Publix to pay u...

I am so tired of everyone being sue happy. Get a job.




Why is this on Publix....If this is true. I don't think Publix some how opened the yogurt without you knowing and resealing it with a roach inside....REALLY!!!!!!!!!


The roach came from your house. Be a man and tell your woman to clean the house now because you are in charge.


Why would you traumatize children with such a horrendous site, unless you have an agenda.

Dannon is a quality mfg so notify them of the incident and let it be forgotten.

No sympathy here!