Tampa, Florida


What is there to complain about with Publix. You can not find an organization whose employees are more polite and professional in behavior.

Above you have to see how carefully they handle food products that are behind the counters; i.e., seafood, deli, prepared sandwiches and cooked foods. Publix is the best and these guys have earned the right to have their slogan. Who better demonstrate good customer service anywhere?

It is such a pleasure to walk into any Publix store and experience the all around cleaniness, not just in one or two areas. Publix gets the prize.


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I work for publix in south fl and we are all that was said and more. Thank you for being one person who sees the good not just the bad


I lived in Tampa also and found that the service and products were good.

I wish I could say the same about the Publix stores in South Florida.