Athens, Georgia

my friend have been working at publix for 5yrs. and she been treat like ***.

the mgrs. do not like her. she does not get a raise. and can't come up in the company.

she don't tell everything but get worst end of the deal,the mgrs. want her a another position, in the store. he to get rid of her. he come up with, anything,well i guest you have to be a snith to get any where.the number is 1059 montclar.any Ray is the worst thing i have everything seen the satan.

the devil in *** get someone else if you can everyone can be replace.

because i don't think she can take anymore. if anyone read this please can you help.

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We all have a voice no matter where we work. If you feel that your manager is bullying you, being unfair, rude or whatever then I suggest you call the corporate office.

Just make sure that you have proof before you accuse. Fight your own battles and do not involve your friends.


Learn. TO. TYPE.


I have worked for Publix for 10 years now, The people who do a good job , offer great customer service and have a good additude about work always get a raise. I am not management , I don't waant to be.

But really , we get raises (small) . And you can also talk to the District Manager if you feel you are being mistreated.

But bad work habits , attitude, tardiness will get you what you have coming... nothing.


Tell her to call corporate and complain, it is anonymous and they will get things straight! It is on English/Spanish/and Creole.

Main Publix Switchboard - (863) 688-1188

Publix Stockholder Services - (863) 688-1188 x-52323

Publix Super Markets Corporate Office

ATTN: Consumer Relations

PO Box 407

Lakeland, FL 33802-0407

800-242-1227 (store-related comments only)


You are one to talk "none for me". It is "back to school," not bak to school.

At least this person is trying to help a friend, who cares if her spelling sucks. Perhaps she is just learning English and or learning disabled.


Actually "c" and 'Dd" the reason that the friend is not typing this is because her spelling and grammar is worse. Also it is obvious that BD got fired form one of the managers at publix and is putting them all down.

Maybe if the friend learned how to stick up for herself and not have someone else fight her battle people would not push her around.

BD why result to name calling. Did you not get a promotion at Publix because you were not qualified.


I can see this person could not write very well but I myself and my wife have worked for this manager at one time in last five years. I have seen and experienced this managers behavior myself on 4 occassions and I only worked for him 3 weeks I quit publix at this time because of my detoriating health I worked in grocery business for 34 years and have seen a lot of things in question but this manager who's best friend is the CEO of Publix and gets away with motre things than most managers ever could imgaine of doing.

He berated me for calling in sick one day when I had asked for the day off foran important doctors appointment in which I had told my department manager I can't work that day. That appointment was indeed my time when the doctor said I couldn' work no more. He loves to make the ladies cry when he is discliplining them even if they don't do anything wrong it is a shame that a man of his stature with Publix still manages like it is 1980.

I had the most respect for this man until I had to work for him. I could carry on about this manager but I won't but for those of you who don't think the main post isn't I hate to inform you all that you are WRONG!


This passage is still a cry out for hope you guys, whether it is PROPERLY mispelled (which it is), written backwards, or written Rosetta Stone style, the message still says that the managers are way out of control there, and maybe needs to be checked out. Another point: Is this the same manager that treats her like *** or has it been a couple/few managers that came through and she still gets treated like ***? Maybe she should do some self-examining also?


Working for or being a manager for Publix has nothing to do with it. This person is obviously not does speak english very well.

Which means their friend doesn't either. Chances are this person can't advance because they are a *** and they don't do what is asked of them.

If you are an employee, which means you get paid to do what you're told to do, regardless of what department you work in, THE DO IT!!! Maybe if they didn't complain so much and actually do their job they might get a raise


this person needs to spell,needs to ,*** she needs to go bak to school. I do not beleave any of it.


did anyone even understand what that meant. Never have had any major problems at publix. Overall compared to the competition I think they do an ok job.


Why are you putting this person down because of their poor language skills?? It's obvious you work for Publix in management,just as your mommy probably did. F*king bullies, you are the only type Publix will promote, and you will be their downfall.


If her spelling and grammar is anything like yours I could see exactly why she gets treated like *** and doesn't get a raise. You do realize how illiterate you are after reading what you typed right?


Learn to write u *** ***