Two weeks ago I bought a bag of Publix brand cut green beans at $1.69 a bag. The next week same bag was $2.29. Increase of 50 cents. Also purchased Publix brand of Jumbo white eggs at $1.89 and following week price was $2.29. Increase of 40 cents. I asked the cashier why there was such a jump and her answer "well Walmart increased the price on milk."

This store has made numerous mistakes on other items at check out and when I bring it to cashier's attention I have never been given any item for free.

This store is usually understocked on so many items also.

There deli dept has flies too and some of their salad items look to be days old.

I will not be going back to Publix any longer.

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Listen when you damaged or return the food or you take home bring it back your making the food price go up when like ham 15:00 why buy it just to bring it back now no one can eat out because they don't know if you Poisoned. So the pig die for no reason people on food stamps don't really care they believe it there money no matter what but it taxpayers money not your


Yes , I noticed prices rising large amount recently, as well the lunch meats

Are many times spoiled by the next am,

They are out of stock many items, and they must tell the employees to say hello , many of them you can hear their cynicism,

Some stores seem cleaner, the one lake Ida,in DELRAY, find dairy items sour.

As well on kosher aisle, they put items directly adjacent to items with pork


Flies are a concern yes but understand we can't kill them. We cannot keep a flyswatter or even have our buglights up during business hours. Trust me the deli employees (like me) hate it too, but theres not much we can do about it :upset