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To put it in a nutshell ,if your not related to people in a higher position or a "kiss *** " your screwed. Publix finds ways to pay people less then they deserve.Understaffing cutbacks ,scoring less on a evaluation ,keeping you later then schuduled when they need you and cutting your time later so they do not have to pay overtime,these are some methods used.I have seen females paid the same wages more in some cases , for doing the same job,but not required to do the heavy lifting or filthy cleaning described in job requirements (and they normally get promoted first) I have seen 2 managers fired for having sex on the job fired and given their jobs back later.I have seen a manager fired for sexual harassment fired and hired back at a different location.The ones that defend publix is normally someone who is getting paid well or promoted fast and will fall into the guideline for pay or promotion as discribed above .Here is a example of some of the absurd anal skills of one manager.By the timeclock there is a sign " waiting by the clock for the time to pass instead of clocking out is stealing and may result in temination "I clocked out 4 minutes early because I was finished with my job responsiblties and a manager complained to me and had me go back and stand by my area for the remaining 3 minutes .What a joke.

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I clocked out 15 mintues early by mistake...i wonder if im gonna be fired?


I am 16 also but i work as a cashier. i was surprised when i was given the job because usually you have to be 18 to work the register. but i feel it shouldnt matter who you know in the business you should be hired based off of other requirements.


I'm a 16 year old front service clerk and I do enjoy working for publix and maybe it's just my first job nervousness, but I am terrified of talking to my higher ups. I try as hard as I can and do my job better than most of the other clerks.

That being said, I was forgetful last night about clocking out and I forgot to.

So, my question is what are the repercussions of forgetting to clock out.


Nothing really, youlljust have to sign a paper. Just try to make sure you remember to clock out.


I was put on a one week suspencion and made a bagger indefinatly for stuff that happened in 2011 is THAT legal?


Kissin *** helps but also doing your job as best as you can will help you ! :)


dohave boyfriend


SAME down here in tequesta Florida :( :x :cry


publix is a good company


I really don't see any signs of Publix filling for Chapt. 11.

They made record profits this year, profiting 20 Bil. The stock is doing well for the current state of the economy, and the chain is still growing.

I think some areas are better run than others, but I see no signs of economic troubles. I work for Publix, and it is a good employer


It will be alright. In the direction publix is heading they will probably be filing for chapter 11 in the coming years!


All i have to say is i have been working there 1 year and 8 months and i finally just got my first raise of .12 cents...i was pissed i have tried to switch departments but they say we will work to get your where you enjoy your job bullshyt i hate it. i still am not receiving full time or any benefits they have seriously made a joke out of their employees they only give hours as if we are all minors im 23 now and i will not make a career of publix its impossible


I have been at publix for 2 1/2 years and i absolutely love it! There is no such thing as sucking up in my store.

Everyone gets what they deserve. I don't hear many coworkers complain about inequality and if i do it's usually the lazy ones. There are many other companies to go work for.

If you dont like where you work, quit, and keep it moving. :roll

@CS staff

You prsob are one of the kiss ***


Publix has changed alot,i dont kiss *** to no higher up,but i do get tired of them asking one person to do more work than one person who has done less or no work just stand by and talk.Complaints from associates are ignored,Publix cares for customers so much that they let them make fun of thier associates and do nothing.


Theyre a bunch of fat liars, I was told I'd be cashier by 16, my birthday was July 30th, last year, not even trained for cashier yet still bagging. They triedto make me stay late on a school night when I had bronchitis too, is that even legal? I'm considered a minor


Theyre a bunch of fat liars, I was told I'd be cashier by 16, my birthday was July 30th, last year, not even trained for cashier yet still bagging. They triedto make me stay late on a school night when I had bronchitis too, is that even legal? I'm considered a minor


Publix is a *** company to work for. If you're a white male FORGET IT.

I'm on the stock crew and have been told I do a good job. A black stock clerk was hired 2 months after me and given full time after only 3 months there. Our assistant store manager had taken the crew out to lunch when this guy black stock clerk started. There were 3 whites and 2 blacks sitting at the table.

The asst manager says to us "Publix is looking for black men to move up in management. If you stay with the company you'll move up fast".

Its been a year. I just got full time.


What everyone says is true. The company has changed soooo much.

It is still a good job with a paycheck every week and medical insurance even for part time if they let you work a thousand hours a year. I've been kept over by a manager for 1 & 1/2 hours pass my schedule and then get chewed out for having too much time on Friday. NO OVERTIME!!!! The Dumb *****can't even do math or make a schedule.

I was working for Publix before she was in middle school. Publix is promoting the wromg kind of people. Mr.

George is rolling in his grave. I think the "family " is trying to sell the company.


I will tell you this I love my job At Publix they are a great company to work for

However some dept heads sets very bad habits by discussing things like counsinling, terminations, etc. with other employeess other than management I belive if Publix would make it easier to speak with upper management without recourse on the employee this would stop All Department heads From doing this I think Publix needs to address this more firmly than they do.

Deli is hard enough without all this *** going on from the manager Very simple solution Tell these managers if they want to gossip enjoy being a clerk again because that what they need to be. This how I feel " what does she about me when I am Not Around?"