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I have been working for Publix for many years now and I've learned that the company is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites who don't care about their employees. They lie, show favoritism, and insist on promoting people who are just simply not prepared for the position they are filling.

It's not about what you know, it's about who you know and unless your willing to be their *** you won't get anywhere in the company.

In fact the more you try to stand up for your morals and the "teachings" of Publix the more they demote you and cut your hours until your forced to quit or find a supplemental job. Even the customers notice a change in the company. Before they saw smiling faces and employees willing to help them out but now they see sad, defeated faces with fake smiles.

I used to believe this was the company I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. Now I refuse to even shop at any Publix because I know what is going on behind the scenes.

This is a company that is built around lies and Mr. Jenkins would be ashamed of what His company has turned into.

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It's not only there but in the new 2015 publics store in port Wentworth GA to seems the people in high places in that company never talk to the command employee to get a honest review on how the store and its management is treating them like their hand book says yes Mr Jenkins you must be the beginning of this problem that's why it exsist in most of your stores I'd think you'd be looking for a fixs if you really cared about the people who built what publics is today thank you


George Jenkins died in 1996--you sound like quite the astute Publix employee


Publix where shopping is pleasure and employees better shut up..... I am trying to get promoted but they hired someone from outside for that position.

... If you wanna see how happy employees truly are, look at their faces...


A family member of mine worked there for around 20 years and only took one or two sick days off the entire time. He accrued 24 weeks of sick pay during this time.

Now he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and Publix only let him use 12 weeks of sick pay instead of the 24 he saved up and is forced to resign. Way to go Publix.


Looks like the OP wanted a promotion and did him/herself was not qualified for one and is putting down the rest of the coworkers.




I'm 7 months pregnant and have been cut from my regular 25-30 hours a week to 3 because they said I don't "act like I want the hours"


A retired publix associate

Sorry to here you all are not happy, when I worked for publix in the past it was great experience for me. I worked for publix about 12 years moved to the west coast and then moved on to other grocery chains worked for Winn-Dixie.

Albertsons, Kroger, Safeway and let me tell you I'd still rather work for publix the other company's are worse and yes back then publix was full time place to work and now a days due to the economy etc all places are hiring part time. The other company's will never beet publix in customer service so if you are in it for the long hall be grateful. Most of the other companies I worked for are union and it sucks they don't even help you like they say they do they just want to collect your money dues. Remember most of you are owners so get together and fight the problems you have.

And yes since Jenkins died I see the difference when I visited.

Same happened at the other company I worked for. So remember it's not just publix.


I'm also an employee a Publix and everything you said is correct they do show a lot of favoritism and they also hire a lot of family and close friends they get special treatment no matter how hard you work or try to prove yourself you will not get anywhere in that company unless you are close friends with the manager


{unknown}You must be a new employee and still wet behind the ear. Come out of your shell and look around Walmart, Target, Costco and Sams are always busy, Publix is not as busy as it once was.

Try and find a bagger and the cashiers are scarce. It is getting like Walmart. I worked for Publix for 35 years and it once was a good company and still is but it is not being run properly. To many young kids who think they own the company and treating employees like ***.

Managers do not care about you because whatever they take from you, adds to their bonus.

Sorry to burst your bubble but I think after 35 years of working and knowing the old Publix when George Jenkins would talk to his employees one on one. The voice survey know is a joke and managers are watching what you put down.


Thats a lie publix is a great place to work. Everyone is treated fair n customers know that. Thats why they shop there n not walmart.


If publix had a union representing the employees they would change the way they treat employees.


I agree, my girlfriend works for them and its a terrible place to work and I never worked there, and I wont shop there anymore either. The employees don't get mandatory breaks and only get a lunch hour break,, and if they work 5 hours most times they are forced to take an hour lunch and when they work 8 or 9 hours they give them a half hour lunch with no other breaks. You are right, it's all phony and you can see it on the employees faces, but then again some idiotic shoppers like it that way,,,,,makes me sick, goodbye Publix.


I have worked for Publix for about 4 years full time at the warehouse in Jacksonville. Everything was really good when I first started then true colors started showing.

Favoritism and *** managers. The company is so full of themselves it's sickening. They hold the stock over your head and brag about how great of a place it is when more than half the people are not there because it's a great place to work but because they need a paycheck. AVS is a *** joke also we have suggestions every month that none get fixed.

Let's not even talk about the god awful schedules work 7 off 1 work 7 off 2 etc... You get vacation but yea you can only use it when they want you to. And to the retard above the 401k they match 3% (or up to $750) a year. Wooo that's impressive.

Once this economy makes more jobs available or anything wetter comes up.

I'm gone, I've put so much time, sweat, and stress into this place with nothing to show except disrespect and a few shares of stock. *** Publix.


This employee ( or ex-employee) is absolutely correct. They take these kids feed them the Publix Kool-aid, educate them at Publix Academy pay them a decent wage ( for someone with only a high school education) and a promise of advancement and $$.

What they don't tell you is 50 hr work weeks and you don't have a life ...except for Publix. You become boxed in, you need the money, but you hate the job, and the person that you have become.You have to go back to a real education and find a job that will support you , and if you have a family......you are stuck . The women manager are worst than the men. THEY ARE POWER HUNGRY and treat you like ***.

So people.

get an Education, do NOT MAKE PUBLIX YOUR CAREER and LIFE. You will never get weekends off or a normal schedule

@Spot on

(spot on) all I have to say is aman.work for them 30+ year, they want the old out and new in but no more then 5 years.


This is not the first time I heard about favoritism in Publix. Sadly my Publix is showing the signs.

My mom has worked in Publix for 9 years and still is part time, while other people get promoted. their accuse, "You're not showing the willingness to grow."


I didn't know that to be a manager you have to be such an ***...and cruel with thier associate i would like to know who the *** made dulio solazarno a manager he is always with a stank face don't know how to talk to his associate such ignorant person I have met if the main coperate would see the way he treats and talks to associates he wouldn't be in publix 1273 if everyone that has worked with this manager would go up to coperate and complain thier would be alot of people complaining he has been a *** to alot of hard workers good luck who ever have to deal with his ***.. :( he needs to leave 1273


20 years ago I was "downsized" in my career position and being only 55 thought it would be easy for me to continue my career with a different company. Living in Miami, my inability to speak Spanish made that impossible however so I applied for a position as a Publix bagger which I told my wife I would keep until I found something I liked better.

20 years later I am still bagging groceries . . . not because we need the income but because I enjoy what I am doing and am liked and respected not only by my coworkers and our customers but, more importantly by management.

I have been offered training in other positions but refused as I enjoy what I am doing.



@Moe from Miami

Wow you must be a manager posting this because there's no way that you could possibly work in Miami and be treated that way sorry but you're a liar and I call this out you are a liar. You should be ashamed of putting your lies on the Internet. Shame on you.