Mount Laurel, New Jersey

All over other parts of the US, produce is as good or better than Publix and it is CHEAPER ! There are other examples of lower prices for the same products a Wal-Mart.

How can a super market in another state sell a large bunch of fresh dill (herb)for under $0.90 and Publix can only sell a tiny little bag that is not as good or as fressh for $3.00 ?

This is only one example of many.

Since my wife and I travel regularly on business, we see the difference first hand !

As Publix is a privately owned company, we will never know have much they profit on their stores but I will bet they are really lining their pockets with the green and I don't mean vegetables.

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Try Aldi for real bargains. cantelope 99 cents, strawberries 99 also.

Gal milk 1.99 they beat wal mart to pieces. Publix is and always will be a bigbrpx7 ripoff Do not waste your money there.


one of the girls at the customer service counter has a wondeful set of knockers (O)(O)


Public in Navarre Fl has apples for $3.29 lb the average weight of one apple is 1.2 lbs so right at $4.00 per apple. I am so disgusted.


P.S. - Also, I would never buy meats any more at Walmart.

Once you get bad chicken, you don't forget and you don't get the smell out of your house!!

Walmart did take it back but that's not the point - never got anything bad at Publix. In fact, I wrote once about bad service I received and a fruit basket and $25.00 Publix gift card arrived at my door.


It can be more of a pleasure shopping at Publix - the lines at our Super WalMart are awful and usually there are only a few registers open. What I don't like about Publix is they will not meet another store's advertised price.


*** atmosphere! I have 3 kids to feed and refuse to pay Publix's EXTREMELY high prices so I shop at Walmart.

I notice their food center is getting more and more busy. I think a lot of other people are tired of paying Publix's high prices...


Publix might be more expensive than other grocery stores, but keep in the mind the weekly BOGO's and the fact that they accept competitor coupons. Not to mention the better quality of the food and atmosphere.


Ashes, I'm sure you're one of those brown-nosey Publix employees.... Get over yourself.

Publix is OVERPRICED in just about anything.

They get away with it because they're basically the only game in town (in Florida anyway). I only wish Kroger or Safeway would open shop in Florida and give those Publix *** BAGS a run for their money!!!


I'm actually appalled that you would compare Publix produce to something that crawled out of walmart. You may be well travelled but apparently not in groceries...