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I have purchased produce and other grocery products from Publix in Ormond by the Sea and find that their prices are too high for food that should go to feed hogs with. I bought strawberries that looked great but tasted like cardboard, tangerines that needed to be skinned rather than peeled.

The tangerines had flavor that was so awful and then noted the next day that they had molded. Mushrooms that looked great on top in the package but underneath that they were slimmy and nasty. This is all on one purchase and this has happened to us numerous times. Like buying fish that when taken home directly from the store to prepare smelled like ammonia.

Crab legs (snow crab) that when steamed they also smelled like ammonia. This goes on and on and yet their prices for their products are beyond reasoning. Such as 3 limes for close to 2 dollars, and selling products that belong in a bucket to be delivered to the pigs as that is how bad the items seem to be. This country needs a better controller for these products as leaving it to lazy employees and managers at Publix is not what we need.

It says where shopping is a pleasure but it is not. They need a new saying such as Publix where hog food is priced high and if you get lucky you might find some that you can eat. I have contacted headquarters many of times but that lazy &)&_&)%_+ does nothing more than agree with you and then does absolutely nothing. They even have a sign at the counter that if you are not fully satisfied we will gladly refund you upon request with a smile.

Well that is only a sign as the smile only comes upon request.

Who are they fooling as it seems they use the poor folks that are retired and can only afford a bit of groceries for themselves and are afraid to complain.

Well I say the *** with them and we need to find out who is out there to protect the people from crooks like this. Publix seems to of gotten to big for their britches and they have forgotten what true principals are.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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First off as a publix employee you can kiss my *** for calling me lazy,second you cant help if fresh produce does not taste as good as it looks, like I am sure you look like a nice person but are truly an ***. There is a rule in the produce department at publix.

It says that we will let you sample anything there, I cut all kinds of fruit for people to try so that they know they like what they are getting but some people would rather *** then use this system.

I want as many people to shop at publix as we can get but if they are doing like you just to see what they can get free then go to wal-mart. Trust me you will miss us before long.


I don't shop there anymore and since we are having another store that is not a Publix the area is becoming happier. If you want to try and buy groceries at Publix in Ormond Beach, Florida you are welcome.

We live directly across the street from there and would love to see someone go in there and buy that *** from that store. If you have anything to say to me don't because I can tell one fool from the other and complain or take your lies to someone who really cares.

For those who are serious and need to get this resolved complain directly to Publix headquarters as they are the ones that do not do anything about it. Why, it is because they don't care.

Jamal Da Man

then shop somewhere else. If it is that bad and makes you that unhappy don't keep going back. If i get kicked in the *** by a mule everytime I enter the back of the barn eventually i go through the front!


You must be that same *** that goes from site to site trying to push this ammonia laden seafood myth. You probably got a smile with your refund at first, but as you became a chronic complainer, they all see you coming and leave the less fortunate one to deal with you.