Atlantic City, New Jersey
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I thought Publix hi-tech floss was the best I has ever used. Since I am spending the summer in New Jersey I

bought several packages to last for the time I am away.

When I opened one of them I found a completely different product. The thread is now so slippery when wet it

won't stay wound around my fingers. Flossing is very different.

I 'm stuck with a product I don't like for the whole summer.

Very disappointed.

The product is called Publix hi-tech floss mint waxed. I prefer the regular but it never seems to be in stock.

The UPC is 041415044722

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It was the best I ever used as well. Didn't break or fray.

Kroger used to carry a high tech floss as well.

Now I can't find it at either. Walgreens carries a high tech; will try that.


Me too! I think they quit making it because I've tried for months to find it with no luck.

It's definitely the best out there compared to the cheap stringy stuff that shreds immediately. I am not happy.


We agree...the floss with which Publix has replaced their old hi-tech dental floss stinks. They need to go back to the old one!


I am a retired dentist, and for years I recommended Publix hi-tech dental floss to my patients. The floss they replaced it with is too slippery and breaks too easily. Who ever is responsible for the change made a very bad choice.


That is the only one that I have used for years. The last ones I bought had a sign behind the display that it was being discontinued.

There is nothing like it available anywhere, Forget the waxed ones, they are just ***. If Publix brought it back and raised the price I would buy it so it would end my extreme anxiety that I get every day using the slippery one that breakes three times. It seems they just don't care.

They drop all the cereals that have no sugar added and have tons that are loaded with sugar.Guess they want all their customers FAT. We need more grocery stores other than Publix in Fl.



Its not that they made it more slippery so you had to use more, the company they were getting from before most likely jacked up the price and to keep from haveing to jack it up on you they switched where they are getting it from.


the Kroger brand did exactly the same thing .

made it more slippery so you'd have to buy more of the product to adequately wrap your fingers


they made it more slippery so you'd have to use more around your fingers so you have to buy more of the product.


I hope these complaints are noted by the


Thank you.


The good ol stuff had green printing on the plastic holder


I totally agree with Stanphyl. I had been using this product and was extremely pleased.

Then I opened a new pack and couldn't use it as it keeps slipping of my fingers.

I had an unopened pack and returned it.

I looked for unwaxed but it's not in the stores.

I'll email the company.


Oh jeeze..really.


guess what, products that say "publix brand" are in no way remotely close to being produced by publix. they take a name brand that they already sell and slap publix on it.

like how publix brand pasta is really a product sub-division of kraft. dont be mad at publix be mad at oral-b or something.