I'm a truck driver who had the misfortune of making a delivery to a publix distribution center. I arrived with several pallets of rice.

After being unloaded by a lumper service,I was held hostage and forced to wait nearly 6 hrs while they ' broke down and counted each case.

This shipment was loaded and sealed by the shipper and unsealed by publix. They held N me, the carrier, hostage for a total of 12 hrs at two locations as the result of a rediculous policy of holding a carrier responsible for a shippers' competency for which we are not only uncompensated, but are kept from moving on to our next load.

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I've seen this happen to several drivers at our warehouses. All the vendors just need to tell purchasing they want to NO-BID on supplying Publix, and give them the reason. After they have to pay a penny a ton more or simply can't get material, perhaps they'll see that treating their vendors the same way they treat associates probably isn't such a good idea.


I don't understand why you have to pay publix to unload their stuff?


What happens if we don't check it and they say you must have stolen a case?