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After waking up with 102.8 temp and feeling like I was going to die, I managed to crawl out of bed to go to the pharmacy at Publix to find something for symptom relief. I was not looking for a cure, just some symptom relief.

Severe cough, fever, facial pain, body aches. I told her I was taking Advil with no relief at all. Cough so bad it hurt!! I asked if there was anything else I could try.

She said no, ibuprofen. And you can take cough syrup. Then she says, " Is that it?" Well I guess so you heartless person you. I wanted to cry.

I went over to CVS and the male pharmacist came out and we went through products and recommend one for symptom relief and he was very busy but at least he helped and smiled at me. I'm now back at home in my bed and at least I feel a little better, for the moment. I'm a hospital nurse and care for people every day who are very sick.

Good thing she just sits behind the counter. I won't go back there again!

Publix Cons: Non helpful and non caring attitude.

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You're a nurse and you couldn't figure out how to read labels/ buy medicine yourself? You need someone to hold your hand?? Grow up.


I don't understand why you wouldn't just Google symptom relief? If you can find a website to complain about Publix pharmacists, you could have just googled some over the counter medications?

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