Tampa, Florida

This is not the first time my roommate and I have purchased yogurt from Publix. We were huge fans of the 20 for $5.

I honestly enjoyed my previous experiences up until today. Worst experience ever.

I bought a raspberry yogurt today at Publix at Tampa Palms. I opened it tonight and was able to enjoy my first spoonful.

During my second spoonful I felt hair on my tongue. I couldn't believe it!

I pulled the spoon out of my mouth and held it in the light and was able to see a strand of hair mixed in my yogurt! DISGUSTING!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Yogurt.

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Well that what happens when people threaten other people jobs it come to you weird way why all the yogurt and you pick up that Container and has hair in side


Of course you are blaming the store instead of the company that manufactured it. It isn't the stores fault.