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Publix is an awesome company to work for.There are some pros and cons as there are to any company. In the long run you can make lots of money and have a decent retirement.

I am a manager and I love what I do but I also do wonder sometimes if it is worth it to work the long grueling hours. It is a lot of pressure to work in all parts of publix whether managerment or not. It's like a giant balancing act. It tends to make you hate the holidays because the customers get nasty and are hard to please and really have no patience.

Some also know that they can work the system so they an get free products. I know not only myself but other managers feel they have no life and miss lots of important time with their families. It is hard when you have associates that do not do their work and your left holding the bag when they drop the ball. You really feel you spend all your time at work.

You can't *** on holidays like the 4th of july mlk day labor day and so on but the corporate office is always closed.

They continue to pay low wages to the many people who work and they work them as hard as they can. It really is management that makes the money but is it worth the price?

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Unless your going for a manager position what the *** do you expect to get out of working in retail?

I'm guessing 99% of the people who work at Publix stores aren't doing so because they have a million options. If all you got is a high school degree and you get a job as a manager, you've vastly over-achieved for your education level. Quit your *** if you don't enjoy the job and find a new one.

On the other hand, you're going to be disappointed if you walk into a Publix and expecting to get a full-time (which is how you get all the great benefits) position right off the bat. MOST people at the store are NOT full-time, and when a full-time slot opens up, a lot of people will be asking for it.

The same goes for being a manager, obviously you got to put in the time before they'll promote you. Which makes me wonder how these people survive before they get their manager positions, living off 9 to 10 bucks an hour.

But good luck finding a job that has great vacation time, no *** customers to deal with, smart co-workers, and great pay. Except for the movie stars and pro-athletes of the world, everyone's job has *** aspects of it.

Although I'd agree working retail sucks the most. Its mindless, boring work, that occasionally involves some *** *** on you, often for no reason at all. Its good motivation to keep your *** in school, so you can do something less pathetic.


Obviously this person is a hater. I've been in publix for three months and I average 37 hours a week but I still get health care after a year and dental already started.

401k I got that. Stock? Got it.

Quarterly bonus's you bet your ***. Instead of being an *** maybe you should humble yourself instead.


assistant grocery managers make 40k a year, full managers more. yes it is salary AND if you work in small store like I do you probably have to throw stock or work in the deli when times get busy even as a manager.

I am just a grocery peon, I refuse to go into management, but I love working for publix, I do my job, and other peoples if need be. If your ever in 274 look around you'll see for the most part happy people doing their jobs.

Is it worth it for my managers? We have a great team now so yeah I really think it is.


It may be worth working there, if that's all you want to do. That is, working the same job, for the rest of you life. Not my idea of exciting.

Eventually you may manage a store, if you ever want to. But I promise, there's better money to be made (with benefits) with the same skills that you learn/need at Publix.

And make sure if you're paid hourly, that you get paid those overtime hours (at least 1.5 times regular pay per hour). If not, you really should talk to a lawyer.

Also, if you're not sure its worth it, try looking for other jobs. Submit your resume/CV and get interviewed. Who knows, maybe you'll get a better position somewhere else with less hours. I know they can run you managers into the ground with hours and numbers.


dude, you have a job, right.

you know that you can make it a career, right.

or you can leave, right.

b4 i came back to publix i owned my own company, you guessed it, it was in construction.

i was working 12-14 hours a day gauranteed 6 days but most of the time i spent 6-8 hours working on sundays also.

do the math thats 78-92 hours a f*ckn week.

the way i look at it is simple, once i get my own department i should be earning around 60'000 a year, thats 20'000 less than my average pay of being self employed.

when i was self employed i had NO 401k, health insurance or any other benefits like paid vacation.

right know i am the happiest i've been in years.

no stress.

no worries.

as for your schedule around the holidays tough *** this is retail.

and with this kind of retail you have job security, especially with publix.

so relax, and start to enjoy what you do.



I can only second "major" AND "slight" corrections statement.

I am in management as well, and on one occasion (so far) had worked 57 hours.

Do I think it is worth it ?


I think, the one's (like me) which enter into management, are aware on what is expected, and what it takes.

It couldn't have come as a surprise to you, to work many hours especially during the holiday season.

That's retail for ya, my friend...especially working with perishables.

But....then there is the "off" and "slow season" as well when a manager doesn't necessarily have to be there 50 full hours all the time (depending on your crew, coverage, department and your situation)

Look around you, and see what's going on right now.

Other people work harder, longer hours in comparison.....but have nothing to show for it: No health insurance, no 401 K, no benefits of any kind, lesser pay....or, don't have a job at all.

That alone puts it into the right perspective for answering yourself the question if it is really "worth" it.


i am an assistant deli manager and I believe everyone is paid well yes we work alot of hours, but if you can't run your department in 50 hours then you shouldn't be a manager. I never work more than 53 hours but most the time I am right at 50 and my deli is cutting hours big time and i am scheduled as an associate and still have to do my job too, but hat is what we are paid to do


First, Publix has a great retirement plan and they do pay the associates well. You must not understand the full benefits package.

Second, if you would train and develop your associates and manage them it would make your job easier.You would not have to work all the time. I think you should quit your whining and take a look in the mirror.


Hi there--

I work at corporate. MLK Day is not an authorized Publix holiday.

Perhaps you could get your holidays correct before spouting off about how no one works them. I can assure you, the parking lot at headquarters was full on 1/21/2008.