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I have seen more and more dogs being allowed to come in to Publix.They have been allowed to sit on counters at the Deli, Customer Service counter, as well as, the Bakery.

I have witnessed that their owners, in these particular cases, do not have Handicapped Parking Permits. In most cases, the dogs aren't big enough to provide any kind of assistance to their owners. For the most part, these are comfort dogs and have not been trained for service. Go to ada.gov for their guidelines.

Publix policy...Look the other way.

The response from management has been nothing less than condescending bull.Publix is afraid and will risk relations with loyal customers.

This reviewer shared experience about "publix policy concerning dogs in the store" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Publix and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about publix parking at Publix was customer service and management poor customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Dogs ?

I may start shopping there.

That sounds like fun.


This is an ignorant statement.My service dog is 12 lbs, registered, and I do have a Handicap placard.

Anytime someone wants to take my MS, degenerative disk disease and osteoarthritis, I will gladly unregister her. Until then, she is incredibly helpful to me with balance and sleep.

Also, Publix staff have told me that she has to be out of the grocery cart but I can bring her in her own carriage so that I have something to hold onto.They have not turned a blind eye when we have been in the store.

Evansville, Indiana, United States #1288556

Just fake news dogs have never been allowed to sit on the counters at anytime, If it had you would have pictures of it.The dog I see in picture is certainly on the floor.

The floor in the picture does not look like a Publix store for they have terrazzo and the shopping carts have green on them JUST SAYING.Go back and shop at Walmart I'll stick with Publix all day long.


DOG LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The problem is the laws.People are faking service dogs to bring them inside the store.

It is a violation of the ADA (americans disability act) for managers to question a customer or ask for verification for a service dog.They are not turning a blind eye, they are just bound by legalities.

to Anonymous #1321076

It's a disgrace

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, United States #1168470

I'm disgusted with dogs in publix at ponte vedra fla.

service dogs, fine! other creatures which

employees pet and fondle are a disgrace. apparently,

my 40 yrs loyalty means nothing to publix so I am

reluctantly switching to fresh mkt and w-d.

Thanks for nothing publix.


I am German, And would put all you animals haters in a nice hot furnace, good bye


All of you who are posting this threatening stuff about someone who took a picture of a non-service dog shopping in a grocery store, you are the guilty ones.This person blurred the photo, should have blurred it slightly more, of course, but they made their point: Dogs have taken over our society, and it's now being proven that they are not supposed to be allowed, for sanitation reasons, into places where people serve food or make food, because not everyone takes care of pets the way some owners do: shots, baths, grooming, tick and flea removal, etc.

Dog and cat hair are responsible for tons of allergic reactions that can result in death, even when people don't know they are allergic to certain breeds of dogs or cats. Bringing them into these places is akin to bringing a new, crying baby into a horror movie at midnight: It makes the experience less than it should be, just so someone else doesn't have to get a sitter, or in this case, doesn't want to stop back by their home before grocery shopping to drop off a pet.

Lazy and inconsiderate, but more than that, pets are not a sanitary thing to have in a hospital, grocery store, or other places where food or sanitary conditions are necessary.Just ask the Germans: They had to change rules recently about dogs being allowed in bakeries or restaurants, after finding the germs were making their establishments less fit and unable to pass cleanliness inspections.

to Anonymous #1026995

There are also very dirty people that shop in stores.Many people might use the restroom and not wash their hands or floss their teeth and not wash their hands.

This is even more disgusting than a dog being brought into a store. A dog can not wipe their own buttocks and then touch groceries. Look at all the people who go to buffet's. They are exposing themselves to much worse conditions than being around an animal.

For that matter, what about little children who pick their nose and possibly go to school and have germs all over themselves and then go to the grocery store with parents. Should we not allow our children in grocery stores. Also, I am pretty sure that children pick up items that dog's are not capable of touching. Really, people should mind their own business and certainly not take pics of someone without their permission.

I would still break the camera.

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