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I have seen more and more dogs being allowed to come in to Publix. They have been allowed to sit on counters at the Deli, Customer Service counter, as well as, the Bakery.

I have witnessed that their owners, in these particular cases, do not have Handicapped Parking Permits. In most cases, the dogs aren't big enough to provide any kind of assistance to their owners. For the most part, these are comfort dogs and have not been trained for service. Go to ada.gov for their guidelines.

Publix policy...Look the other way.

The response from management has been nothing less than condescending bull. Publix is afraid and will risk relations with loyal customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Parking.

Reason of review: Publix policy concerning dogs in the store.

I didn't like: Customer service, Management poor customer service.

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Our Publix does not allow it. They are asked to leave.

You pet must be a service animal. No we do not ask for papers, but we can ask them to leave, if the dog is not wearing the correct service dog vest.

We turned a lady down the other day. My manager said she couod not bring in her dog since it was not yet registered.


Humans are more vicious, filthy, disease-carrying and unsanitary to...other humans.My 4 lb. Chi in a pet carrier is not allowed in Publix, but you can’t throw out the nasty humans that fondle the produce with their E.coli unwashed hands while sneezing to release airborne kaleidoscopes of germs and viruses.OK

to Ms. Ann Thorpe #1485360

Dogs are filthy dirty animals when you go to the grocery store restaurant leave the dog home

to Anonymous #1562029

I guess we should let animals in factories too then. Not.

Some dogs *** on anything. You might get fleas from a passing dog and store could be liable. And theres those allergic. I have almost never seen a service dog in stores but if they allowed regular pets they would be all over and be a lot of accidents and noise cuz most of those people own loud little dogs.

And I happen im not ok with that cuz im very allergic to long hair dander and fleas. And i have dogs


First of all writer, you are seriously WRONG about small dogs can not provide a service... I have a full blooded 7lb Cihuahua and he takes care of me!

He can tell if a seizure is coming, knows if my blood sugar and/or blood presure is to high or too low! AND HE FOUND MY CANCER!! My doctors have witnessed all ! And the calming me down when I was very upset to learn I did in deed have cancer.

My oncologist said my dog sensed it!! So please do not make it sound like there is no purpose for a dog his size being useless....


I've seen dogs half the size of freaking horses (slight exaggeration) in Publix stores...I've seen pit bulls.. I've witnessed dogs aggressively growling and barking in Publix stores...

I've been to a Home Depot and watched a rot weiler.. not a service dog doing his business on the floor.. the owner did nothing, nor did he offer to clean it up. Management had to call their Hazmat Team to have them dispose if the waste.

Why in the world is the Health Dept not doing anything...

is there not an ordinance prohibiting this? This is disgusting!

to Willi #1498049

While I do agree that the owner of the rottweiler should have cleaned up the dog's mess, a lot of businesses do allow dogs in their stores... I'm okay with places like The Home Depot, Lowes, and Pet stores allowing pets, but I do still find it strange when I see non-service dogs in grocery stores... or any place that sells, or serves food.Here is a link with a few dog friendly stores.https://www.rover.com/blog/dog-friendly-stores-across-america/


Unfortunately, not a darn thing you can do about it! I think it is absolutely ridiculous, I work in retail store, that sells upscale furniture.

I asked a few of my managers, at several times, to check out dogs walking around sniffing our furniture. They told me they were not allowed to ask the customers for the papers on the dogs. They said they could not do anything about it. In the meantime, I’ve witnessed several dogs peeing on the sofas and a few of them doing number two in our room settings.

Our company over the years, has had to trash many sofas, as well as rugs. Are you kidding me?

And we can’t ask these people to see their papers? Ludicrous!

to Sofia Janez #1420750

As a service dog owner, I agree with you. These people I promise you, They have FAKE SERVICE DOGS!!....and I love it when someone asks me for my card on him.

Because I want to prove mine is really a service dog. My dog NEVER barks inside. He knows what the inside voice is shhh.

Yes, people should have to show proof the animal is a true service dog. God bless....


Publix does ignore animal laws with regards to non service animals. Dogs in carts, being feed at the deli counter and even at the butchers window.

I took photos and sent a complaint to Health Department last week.

Keep your pets home. Some people have serious allergies or mild ones like I do..


Dogs ?

I may start shopping there.

That sounds like fun.


This is an ignorant statement. My service dog is 12 lbs, registered, and I do have a Handicap placard.

Anytime someone wants to take my MS, degenerative disk disease and osteoarthritis, I will gladly unregister her. Until then, she is incredibly helpful to me with balance and sleep.

Also, Publix staff have told me that she has to be out of the grocery cart but I can bring her in her own carriage so that I have something to hold onto. They have not turned a blind eye when we have been in the store.

Evansville, Indiana, United States #1288556

Just fake news dogs have never been allowed to sit on the counters at anytime, If it had you would have pictures of it. The dog I see in picture is certainly on the floor.

The floor in the picture does not look like a Publix store for they have terrazzo and the shopping carts have green on them JUST SAYING. Go back and shop at Walmart I'll stick with Publix all day long.

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #1275247

DOG LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The problem is the laws. People are faking service dogs to bring them inside the store.

It is a violation of the ADA (americans disability act) for managers to question a customer or ask for verification for a service dog. They are not turning a blind eye, they are just bound by legalities.

to Anonymous #1321076

It's a disgrace

to Anonymous #1430594

Not quite true. At least here in Florida. See Florida statute 413.08

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, United States #1168470

I'm disgusted with dogs in publix at ponte vedra fla.

service dogs, fine! other creatures which

employees pet and fondle are a disgrace. apparently,

my 40 yrs loyalty means nothing to publix so I am

reluctantly switching to fresh mkt and w-d.

Thanks for nothing publix.

to FISH #1493029



I am German, And would put all you animals haters in a nice hot furnace, good bye

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