Need to let all associates know we can fix this misguided company back to the way it was. don't forget, you / we are owners.

when proxy time comes look here for the name to put in the write in box to vote your shares. we need ONE voice, not everyone submitting a different name. 25% of associates would give us a voting voice of nearly 20,000,000 shares. don't blow this one time chance.

they will close this loophole, lets use it first.

let your fellow associates know where to go to get here. i'll put up the name at the appropriate time

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That's right that what Jenkins wanted employees to make change I looked it up Harassment in the workplace is illegal Or unpleasant management team can be fired or let go


If the employees really want to change Publix they need to UNIONIZE!!! You are protected under federal law, just don't give them ANY reason to try and fire you.


true Sweat shop, was hired to do one thing next thing i was demoted and got cut my hours so won't qualify for benefits, dog eat dog, no respect, rude careless management, manipulative supervisor, inconsiderate.

Overall, No different from all those corporate run business, Money and customer service is their priorities, Forget about the little guys and em-employees, have no voice and vote on anything, if you do Good Bye. Very sad and disappointing, had to stay because my children needed food and roof, Refuse to get government help. I do not recommend this company :cry to no one.


Your complaint doesn't make any sense. That being said if you want your co-workers to do something, you should probably contact them where they will see it. To me it sounds like you are complaining because you don't think you have been treated fairly, and are trying to make trouble.


u must be a manager there...:-( There has been several complaints from different stores that are very similar. open the eyes.