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I am a bagger at store 141 and im pissed off. First of all this rude girl Ms.

Michelle Smith is racist. Im not crazy because customers tell me the same thing all the time. Ms. Smith thinks shes the boss and can do what she pleases....

but when the manager goes home she heads straight to the phone and talks to godknows who. then the front end gets crazy and the first person she rudely yells at is me and its because im white. the other day she said jake go clear the lot and i said ya, in reply from Ms.Smith dont you ya me its yes. Little does she know shes not my boss.

then i get a counceling paper and store manager angie micheals calls me in her office and say dont u dare threat to call my boss you better check your background verses mine. and im like whatever. then she goes into saying i dont have the right to tell the customer service manager that ms. smith is racist.

well excuse me i thought that is something that should be brought up with the manager. let me end that right there because im really pissed. one more thing is i love when the president of publix calls the manager annd says im stopping in. wow every manager rushes all there employees to work.

and clear the lot of carts. this store isnt ran right and i would like to transfer. but nope not happening with my manager just like moving up in publix or in my publix is deffinitely a big no.....

i hope all my publix family can read this to see how much the bosses and ms .smith suck.... thanks jake perkins 954 861 7467

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Tell them to get lost and get a real job. Not a high school job.


Sounds like my old customer service manager, Nicole Williams, formerly at 1082 Trussville, AL and now at 838 On valleydale in Hoover AL. She is also black and as soon as she got there she started hiring her black friends or the children of them.

Then one by one she started forcing people out that were not only white but had been there for awhile. We all know that can be done and is done by cutting hours down so low, along with writing them up for the littlest things. Like chewing gum as if we were in the classroom. And scheduling against their availability, and then she blames it on the computer.

Once maybe twice that happens, the computer will normally go by your availability. We all know that. But it won't all the time. She even scheduled this older woman about 60 to push carts in from the lot, but never scheduling her black friends.

And for all of you out there thinking that I am a white racist, my daughter is mixed, and back in the day alot of horrible things would have happened to me because there is no way in *** I would have given up my daughter. I still see racism from both sides directed toward me and my daughter. And I need add that Publix lost a lot of loyal customers of five years since that store had been open, because her rudeness and unprofessional behavior toward customers and associates.

I suppose( and we all know it is because the company needs the diversity to balance like blacks or women) that they feel the can do what they want and not suffer the consequences. I am sure she got alot of complaints to corporate, because she wasnt at our store very long.