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I thought antibiotics that Publix gave was to give back to the public. A way of a billion dollar company that prides themselves on honesty and customer service as a way of helping their customers.

I recently learned why they started this program was to wage war with Wal-Mart's generic program. Not only does Publix receive kick backs from the drug companies for doing this but they also do it to get the consumer to bring in the companion drugs the doctor has prescribed to them and doubles the price to people who live on fixed incomes or to familes struggling to pay for medicine. They made millions of straight profit on this falsehood to the public. I say real nice and Corporate greed at it's finest.

Family owned, honest company and we love our customers. I think not..and make sure you check your receipt.

They are notarious for ringing up sale items that a customer who has over a hundred items as one to two items in that cart incorrectly. I am sure they will say no way we give to United Way..*** yes they do for the huge tax break they get.

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I am a pharmacist with Publix and I will agree the company would like a patient to bring in companion drugs with free antibiotics (after all, Publix is still a business, and businesses want to make money) they do not double the cost for those companion prescriptions. There is no "special button" to double the price for those individuals.

The cash price is the same to all individuals. If a patient has insurance, the prescriptions are billed the the patient's insurance, and the insurance company dictates the cost.


I can't complain about someone who gave me my antibiotic, that I needed, for free!

We did our grocery shopping while waiting. Got some good "buy one get one free" items ( not marked up either)

For "our " experience the only thing they could improve on would be their plastic bags that ripped open on the sides : )


y Tell me more about these companies that give you free product because you are a good person and they care about you. Tell me more about these companies that never raise prices because your income is flat.

It's called a promotion to get your business and it has been done by companies since the start of industry. What you are referring to is called

Charity and does not make profit for helping you. Business are in it to win it not support you.


Your an ***. The insurance companies that YOU pay to have prescription insurance from decide what YOU will pay at the register.

Publix electronically sends the prescription to YOUR insurance company, and they respond with the amount of the total cost that the patient will pay.

Your a joke.


Ya know, just because a company makes a profit doesnt mean they are greedy. Its business.

They are in it to make a profit. If you dont like it, then start your own company & run it with no profit....see how long your business lasts.


this is me right now :cry i wish i had a life...


Dude.. you must work for them.

Blaming it on the dishonest customers? Nice for a company that made 23 million in profit last year in jacking up prescription medication to the consumer mostly whom some of them our on fixed incomes. Wow, you got the workers.comp, lawsuits, regulations, dishonest customers and investments? Yes, I say you must work for them and answer all negative comments from us dishonest customers.

Cry this liberal *** that thinks their false advertisments is wrong. Company that prides them self on honesty? I think not and I think this by reading so much backlash about them on this site.

Republican ***..just sayin from this liberal ***. :)


Dude, really its called running a buisness. Think of all the benefits that they pay for, for the workers families.

Think of all the workers comp cases. Bogus lawsuits. Theft, dishonest customers, regulations by the goverment. You would be thinking differently if it was your buisness.

Can't stand liberal idiots who think everything is an entitlement. Would you give away product that you paid for without any return on your investment? I don't think so. If so you would go belly up in six months.

they have to make money. Oh yes the rediculous amout of taxes.


Really my fellow consumers that have went to Publix in the last year has your drugs went up some what in price? Listen to them give you a song and dance why?

Why is because they made millions in profit off of you. No care that you were in need of your meds or your health. They did it for the bottom dollar and that company is living large off your health needs. I am sure since they are a billion dollar company they will say no way we love you!

Never will they say we like how much you are spending with us on the one thing we all have in life..our health but you will pay greatly for your non companion.

Antibiotics are the cheapest drug they have and that is the catch you see? Freakin sad a greedy company like this still operates