Miami, Florida

Frankly I am not a pissed customer.I am 54 yrs. old, single, and am on disability due to an auto accident.

I get food stamps but only $22.00 a month. Publix is my closest food market and I use it regularly. I do not drive and an on a fixed income. I like publix products,especialy the meats.

With such a small amout of stamps and money, I rarely can buy meats. Are there any coupons you could send me to help? And any coupons you may have for all and any other products?

Thank you, much appreciative. Joe.

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It is rare to see a coupon for meat items unless you purchase another product to go with it, but that defeats your purpose which is to save money.

What you need to do is focus on the meat sale items and/or ask the meat cutter on duty to cut you a smaller portion that is affordable.


Joe have you looked throug te internetI I am sure you can find some coupons to download and print out.

you might also want to talk to the manager and maybe work something out.

Keep yer head up!