Overland Park, Kansas

Saturday 12th 2014,my husband wanted fried chicken wing so we asked how long for some to cool down so we could by them on foodstamps. They said 25 minutes so we left and came back 3hrs later and they still didn't have them ready.

My husband found a manager ro let him know what was going on. The manager fixed the problem. Then monday 14th 2014,we had another problem but with a different person my husband asked why is there no cold fried chicken she got a attitude with us. She said because of the ham.

So we walked away and she was running her mouth to us. Bad attitude these people have at 11255 causeway blvd. Brandon,fl 33511.

Neverhave ever had a problem with any publix until now. Will not shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Chicken.

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Buy nutritious food with your food stamps since we're paying for it. Buy some *** fruit or maybe a salad.

Who gives a *** that your fried chicken wasn't ready and cold? If you need it that bad, buy the hot fried chicken with your own money... Is it really that hard?

Stop buying beer for one day or something.


You're complaining because you can't get fried chicken till it's cold and can be bought on your food stamps? Id talk *** too.

Get over yourself. Those people behind the counter WORKING are paying for your *** fried chicken.


You're not telling the whole story.. There's no way an employee was running their mouth at you unless you did something! Glad to see you get free food and can be so demanding!


Great, I can't afford to buy prepared food but I have to help buy yours with my tax money. Thanks a lot.