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I have used my Samsung phone to pay for groceries at Publix for several months now. Today after my phone payment was approved, the cashier went and got the manager. The manager demanded to see my license and credit card, then suddenly she took them into the office. She...
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I tried to pay last week twice with my android pay.both times the manager and I had a conversation as why my android pay would not work.They have no clue..but previously it did.They changed somehow.

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Publix in West Palm Beach, Florida - S1009 doesn't care what public wants

I am tired of asking this store for more organic variety like organic cottage cheese and organic parsley and plantains; produce persons looked answering, "we will get o.plantain if you buy the case." Ah? Manager doesn't really care either he sent me to to request organic anything. Ah? Some cashiers are the epitome of major rude and lack of professionalism to customer. Even assistant managers have substandard quality to the public. Once am item was an sale. I got 6 of them but she still charged me full price although I went back to check price was reduced she argued the item that was on sale was the smaller size. Next day I visited store and in fact the item was on sale. I bought by mistake 3 Public turkey packages for my dog instead of Plainville turkey. It had a pink slim, didn't say if it had no hormones and antibiotics instead it said it had added food coloring. Yuk once package was opened I threw it away but returned the others. Oh Gosh they had to consult with the CEO of Publix whether they could refund the one I threw out and didn't shlep in store. Just now I came back and again I got another complaint. 4 of the dozen organic eggs are stuck to the carton. I've got pictures to prove it. What am I suppose to shlep in to store 4 of the broken eggs tomorrow. I don't think so!! Stop going to Publix. Travel farther to Wholefoods market where reps are nicer, have common sense, and you can return items without too much grilling. And most veggies, fruits and certainly turkeys or steaks are free of hormones and antibiotics! Enough with Publix. Plus I hate their set up and long idiotic isles. They don't care about the public. And we keep going because we are too busy, too hungry or too lazy to go to 'Wholefoods market. Well good news. A Wholefoods market will open in downtown Miami! Bless Wholefoods!
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Julie P


I TOTALLY Understand what you mean. Publix in SE Florida has gone to *** I have shopped at Publix since the man that created Publix was alive (Mr Jenkins). Well, Old man Jenkins is rolling in his grave with how his stores are managed, stocked and handled. Its a shame but I DO now drive a city away to get my organics at Whole Foods (I recommend you do the same because they are actually CHEAPER AND CLEANER than Publix) and I go to Walmart for canned goods. Their supply is MUCH better and about 30% cheaper and I buy any produce at my local green market. I know this sounds like a lot of work to feed my family but I am getting premium food that LASTS for a better price without the hassle of wondering of they will have it. I hope you consider leaving Publix to send a message. Also, PLEASE write Lakeland and let them know why you are leaving. Go to to find the contact us link.

PS to Nene Leakes that commented on this post....... If you ARE NeNe.....Maybe they take your bounced checks or it's an easy store for you to steal from. Thats why you think it's the poster that is the problem. You are the epitome of trash. If you aren't the REAL Nene...I would get another user ID because everyone I know knows what Nene is.....


Lucky for you that Wholefoods Market will be opening up where you can go shop and complain all you want but you are going to have to learn how to read labels and inspect your eggs before you put them in the cart. I'm sure that Publix will be glad to see you go elsewhere to complain, moan & groan.


It is so painful to read the words of an ***. Do you even know what organic means?

You can't even spell or use proper grammar, how could you possibly understand organics?

No one has this many problems with a store unless they themselves are the problem. The best thing you could do for Publix is to shop elsewhere.

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