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Publix is an awesome company to work for.There are some pros and cons as there are to any company. In the long run you can make lots of money and have a decent retirement. I am a manager and I love what I do but I also do wonder sometimes if it is worth it to work the...
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Unless your going for a manager position what the *** do you expect to get out of working in retail?

I'm guessing 99% of the people who work at Publix stores aren't doing so because they have a million options. If all you got is a high school degree and you get a job as a manager, you've vastly over-achieved for your education level. Quit your *** if you don't enjoy the job and find a new one.

On the other hand, you're going to be disappointed if you walk into a Publix and expecting to get a full-time (which is how you get all the great benefits) position right off the bat. MOST people at the store are NOT full-time, and when a full-time slot opens up, a lot of people will be asking for it.

The same goes for being a manager, obviously you got to put in the time before they'll promote you. Which makes me wonder how these people survive before they get their manager positions, living off 9 to 10 bucks an hour.

But good luck finding a job that has great vacation time, no *** customers to deal with, smart co-workers, and great pay. Except for the movie stars and pro-athletes of the world, everyone's job has *** aspects of it.

Although I'd agree working retail sucks the most. Its mindless, boring work, that occasionally involves some *** *** on you, often for no reason at all. Its good motivation to keep your *** in school, so you can do something less pathetic.

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It amazes me the amount of *** that is talked at publix.Things are always embellished and exageratted. There is a particular manager who is the ring leader of gossip. She constantly talks about other people and then blames others for it. She is always putting others...
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I was surprised to hear two people in upper management and another staffer in an aisle talking about kicking another staffer's *** The few customer skirmishes were nowhere as volatile. I must be old and invisible.

I almost left the store in fear of a battle. What happened to non-public rants?

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