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THE RIVERLAND CENTER CHANGE STORE ADVANCED SEARCH STORE NUMBER 1124 ADDRESS 3500 Davie Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312-3438 This morning I woke up at 7am n my 2 year was so hot... my thermometer wasn't so take ride to my Publix n i grab Motrin pedialite,...
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We got a digital thermometer at Publix. Mind you, it doesn't say it's just for children.

Also, I found your post by surfing for instructions on it, which are woefully lacking so far on the internet. But there is a customer care number on the back, which I will call: 833-326-1313.

Perhaps that particular Publix's pharmacist simply did not know his inventory well enough. I agree with you that a children's thermometer is a must.

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Publix Manager
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Poor customer service

Publix policies

Publix policies are a joke. like I promise policy , sure it's intentions are good . But are abused to a point that they do not serve a purpose. Managers lie and put up a front to show thier supervisers that they are particapating in the program . but if anyone ever cared to check the scudules they would see it is impossible to keep someone on the floor at all times , like during production periods , like in produce and meat departments , if you have 2 people in the store till 9:00 or 10:30 with one cutting fruit the other breaking down the truck who the *** is on the floor , how bout in meat one doing grinds and cuting holes one setting up seafood nothing getting put out out till that 3rd person comes in if your lucky enough to have one and even then they have to wrap as soon as they walk in the door you do not really get someone on the floor till 11 and that is in between wrapping ,lol what a joke , and even one or 2 of these people are a manager 1 or both will be sitting on thier *** somewhere till anouther store calls saying a big head is on the way so they never get caught .
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eye chowlinge yoo tou a spelling bea spell off. Are yoo up fer it?


You can always tell when the managers get a call from another store that the district manager is coming lol.


:grin Wal-Mart is always hiring...

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To put it in a nutshell ,if your not related to people in a higher position or a "kiss *** " your screwed. Publix finds ways to pay people less then they deserve.Understaffing cutbacks ,scoring less on a evaluation ,keeping you later then schuduled when they...
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I clocked out 15 mintues early by mistake...i wonder if im gonna be fired?

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