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Since the CIO took over about 5 yrs ago she has single handily forced most people to quit through intimidation, lying and plain bullying with her minions she brought with her. Long term good hard working employees who loved their company are left crying, without jobs or now working under such horrible circumstances in fear for their jobs .

This pattern it apparent across the entire IT organization. I wonder who at Publix HR notices that once stellar employees are now poor performers and why they are not doing anything about it? I wonder why the CEO and President are looking the other way.

It is certainly not in the best interest of the company and a liability.

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Yet another IT Delivery manager has a run in with someone under him and what happens, the manager physically attacks the associate. What happened to the manager?

Well all that has happened so far is that he was demoted.

Why wasn't this manager fired on the spot? This really shows you how upper management works at this company.


Dinesh Patel everyone hates that guys guts. He is a midget and looks like a frog on crack.

What a loser, proof of just how *** upper mangement is letting this fool exist. He has them all fooled.

That guy couldnt get a date with a $1000.00 bill stapled to his forehead. His wife is so fat that he rolls in bed three times and he is still on the ***!

@Tommy boy

New flash I heard Publix has finally demoted Dinesh Patel, only after receiving a million dollar fine. Lack of security policy regarding the ATMs.

About time dummies this guy is an ***. Took you three years *** jack ***

@Cool Moe Dee

Funny stuff but a few months back Dinesh Patel's resume showed up on my desk. I called him laughed in his face on the phone then threw it in the trash where it belongs. Dinesh Patel is not intelligent enough to walk chew gum and tie his shoes at the same time.


The IT Department has a delivery Manager named Dinesh Patel who is a biggot and racists. He only promotes his indian people. What a joke this guy couldnt manage a Dennys


HR does not notices becusa publix has it own HR ... CEO and presidents don't care cuz they make the most $$$ so why would they care about the littler people in the store who work the hard's "THAT MAKE THEM RICHER" I like to see them put 8 or 10 hours shif...

in at the bottem ...

!! :(


These people are just plain dummies. Publix best place to work what a joke.

They need 800 IT professionals to support 1140 stores. At the Stock exchange we had 100 people supporting millions.

Everyone was a true IT professional not a grocery store bagger turned IT professional. You get what you pay for nobody there makes any real money


I've worked at Publix for 7 years now and the IT division is one of the worst places to work in Publix (not that the other departments are better). Management doesn't care about their employees nor do they listen to them.

Two people from our division have already quit this week and I will be doing so very soon. You try to do the right thing and do your job conscientiously but they don't care about you in the least bit. They promote idiots and 'yes' men who make the rest of us miserable. I hope all these managers get what's coming to them one day.

Once I quit, I will never work at Publix again. Publix: Where shopping is a pleasure but working there is ***.

@Bullied is right! IT manageme

This is so true. Once a good company pregressively going wrong. The good employees have transferred into other grocery chains and the doers are all that is left