Sharpsburg, Georgia
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Ad featured Buy one get one free and price on bottom of ad showed 2.49 a pound. Was charged 5.99 a pound. Made a complaint and was Publix refused to make it right after admitting the ad was confusing. I have email from Publix below


Subject: Publix Reply - Case Ref # 46893

Date: July 23, 2012 10:28:02 AM EDT


Dear Mr. Duke,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We regret that we have failed to meet your expectations. We would never knowingly dis...appoint our customers. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us to rectify the situation.

Our ad regarding cherries was a bit confusing. The Rainier Cherries are BOGO at $5.99 per package. Also, we have other Red Cherries on sale for $2.49 per pound. Sometimes when similar items in the same family group are on sale, we will list them together; however, this has caused some confusion and we sincerely apologize for this.

If we may be of further assistance in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care specialist at 1-800-242-1227. You may also contact us via email at or write us at Publix Super Markets, Inc., P.O. Box 407, Lakeland, FL 33802, ATTN: Customer Care. Please be sure to reference your case identification number noted above. We look forward to serving and meeting all your future needs.



Customer Care

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Yeah honestly its a couple bucks..cry more please and also everyone else is right it literally says right in the picture bogo free Rainier cherries ((16oz pckg))

Then below that (CHERRIES 2.49 a pound)

Very understandable mistake but literally you take it to cust service, tell them you misread and they will give you your money back so you can get the CORRECT cherries. I mean you could've gotten your money back instead of wasting your time posting this!


Actually you read the ad wrong. Yes, they are advertising the Rainier Cheeries at BOGO free.

Below that in it states "(Cheeries 2.49lb)" That is totally desperate than the Rainier Cheeries, that is just their regular Cheeries they carry. Yes, they should've done the as differently BUT it is also not their fault people don't have the common sense to LOOK at the product and price on the shelf before just grabbing an item OR asking!

Where has all the common sense gone? People just want something for nothing these days, I couldn't sleep at night if I was like that!


First of all. Wow.

Second, rainier cherries CAN be 2.50. FOR A PACKAGE. THEY AREN'T WEIGHTED for gods sake. Red Cherries are.

Is this your first time grocery shopping? But if you read what it said, you would understand that. Or ASK SOMEONE to help because you obviously have a hard time with comprehension. What the first commenter was saying is that YOU CAN'T READ.

And by correcting her, you have very much shown that. And HOLY *** you didn't get your couple dollars fixed. THEN GET A REFUND. God.

Way too many people take advantage of things. Like you.


You did read the ad wrong but they should have "made it right". To George Duke, you don't have to buy two in GA to get the sale price. Rainier Cherries would never be $2.50 at Publix.


It appears that we have two replies from people associated to Publix. From the comments they have made above especially the one that stated they would have given the cherries.

As one can see Publix has not tried to rectify the complaint but to call one that complains ignorant. The ad is confusing. Nene Leakes thinks its all about CHICKEN and GROUND BEEF. NeNe look at the ad.

It advertises Ranier cherries not chicken nor ground beef. PLEASE PASS ON TO PUBLIX OUR REGARDS


The ad was not dishonored. You failed to read it correctly, and didn't buy two bags of cherries.

There are multiple variety of cherries, and Publix was only being polite by saying the ad was confusing. They didn't want to make you feel ignorant. But, honestly, you are.

But, again, to be fair, Publix usually has a habit of taking care of even the truly ignorant. I would have given you the bag at 2.49 a pound as a gift of pity on your ignorance.


Perhaps Publix can make a version of their ad for *** people for you. Big block letters and an interpreter so when you see CHICKEN in the ad, they can direct you away from the GROUND BEEF.