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I'm a dedicated Publix shopper since my move to Florida. I have always appreciated their attention to detail and customer service!

However, I am seriously considering going to the "other" guys!

This COVID registration thing is a complete JOKE! Any 6th grader could have come up with a better system than this. It's absolutely insane the way you have to sit and wait for hours on end only to be told that everyone else is smarter than you! I really don't get it!

How is it even possible that I can be sitting at my computer for 15 minutes PRIOR TO THE SITE EVEN OPENING, AND at the VERY SECOND the clock strikes 7:00 am, I push my button to get on, then I wait for and hour to an hour and a half to even get to apply, then after giving you all of the information, clicking on the county I need, they tell me that time slot is filled, so go ahead and start all over again and by the time I start all over again all of the slots are filled!

Seriously?? Come On. The very least you could do is show a date and time slot that is available, and once you click on it, it is yours and you have the time to fill in the information! I have asked several of the Publix employees, and they all say the same thing - it's not us, it's the state that set up the system!

I understand and appreciate Publix trying to help out with this mess - but why didn't they stand up and tell those idiots that you don't want your name attached to such an insane web site!

Right now, I (and many more) are blaming Publix!

Between Publix and Manatee county I'm not sure which one is a bigger JOKE on the Public. Good Luck on trying to get your customers back, I saw a lot of them at Costco the other day and all saying the same thing!

User's recommendation: Reconsider who you give your money to! Do they really care about you?

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Publix Pros: Nice clean store.

Publix Cons: Covid disaster.

Location: 1755 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, Bradenton, FL 34211

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