Minneapolis, Minnesota
Not resolved

Most recently I had a problem with a check cashing at publix corner of Jog and Boynton Beach. I have been writing check to Pulix for over 30 years and Never has an issue until a week ago.

I wrote a check and the girl was very rude called manager very rude. What happened is Well Fargo closed my personal account instead of my husbands business account creating a real issue with checks. BUT is this a way to treat customers when you just assume they are skum?

Not all people are dead beats and skum and I have a real problem with being treated this way by a corporation which states they are customer satisaction. Well NOT satisfied this time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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:( this is you trying to use a bad check


:( this is you trying to use a bad check


Well let's see, you tried to cash a bad check and now are mad at Publix for not doing so!