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I have never been embarassed so much in my life on Christmas Eve I picked two dolls off safe someone had left and proceeded to get other out of c art dmarked down. After I paid at the register some emploiyee in light blue came up.

Rudely stated I could not p[ick up the 2 dolls laid down. The cashier and I both looked at her in surprised. I stated I am the customker and have bought them. She again stated I could not take them and should not have them.

THen slipped up and said they were for herself. Gave me a nasty look and walked away. THe damage was done. Some asst.

manager tried to smooth it over but i was red and had already been embarassed publicly. The cashier was pleasant and tried to handle the circumstance best she could. The other employee should be reprimanded aaor docked a days pay. The refewrrence number is 085840-003.

12/24/2010 at 10:08 So610 Rl08 8608 C282...Store Manager Julie Coffey. Eleni cashier . I do not know rude employee's name. She was in late 40's Sandy loose curled hair.

No glasses about 160 lbs. I should get some recompense in a gift card for this. I t is the least ya'll can edo. i don't even know if you could make the amount for how bad this rudeness was.

After all I am the customer. Service what service...I have shopped at Publix most of my life..I don't know now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

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Publix Super Markets Corporate Office

ATTN: Consumer Relations

PO Box 407

Lakeland, FL 33802-0407

800-242-1227 (store-related comments only)


you lost all credibility when you asked for recompense.You also lost all credibility with the grammar you used.You are obviously not well educated and need to possible go back to school and learn how to spell


And call an attorney - and have them subpoena the video footage for "evidence" if it is needed for a case.

What you need to do is come up with a reasonable remedy to the situation. You cannot have them "dock" her pay because, per the law, employees are required to be paid for the hours they work, and pay is not "docked" these days, but what you CAN ask for (I am a former employee, I would know) is say that her unprofessional behavior shows that she may be a liability to the company if she cannot control her anger to the point that a customer should be made to feel an emotional assault for buying the merchandise - and you can have an attorney request the video footage for review (that will make corporate stomachs do the lurch as they nervously try to ascertain the depth of legal risks that this employee threw at them.


Call Corporate and ask them for the District Manager and Regional Director for your store. Explain that public humiliation and degradation is not what you call Customer Service, and further explain that you can take the story to the local news media's Consumer Reports horror story division.

Call them on Monday, after Christmas. This should get results. You can also have someone write your story professionally with the facts at hand, and send that in as a letter to the editor in the paper. "Publix Humiliation (pun intended) was not on my shopping list but..." If it's any consolation - they treat their cashiers like doggy doo if they complain about supervisors.

Make sure you go back and specifically demand the name of that person, FROM that person - it will put the fear of God into the little b!tc#. Trust me - they deserve it.