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I will never shop in publix ever again for the sole reason of the way management treats their employees. I see some of these loser customers in the store going to a manager complaining about such trivial things.

Do they have a life or is a trip to publix the big deal for the day for them? Do they not have anything better to do than to go out of their way to make such petty complaints? What amazes me the most is that the managers actually entertain these loser customers, and from what I can see its always the same loser customers whining about something. I would like to see a lot of these loser cry babies go through military training and then they could have something to whine about.

I have seen employees chewed out over these whining loser customers for no good reason.

Keep going the way you treat your employees publix, and you wont be around much longer. My extended family of 6 children with 7 grand children will no longer be shopping in your stores until you change your tune of the treatment of your employees, Walmart and Wynn Dixie here I come.

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Working with the public is, to say the least, stressful and at Publix the customer is always right even if they are dead wrong. Yes, many of the the complaints are lame and ridiculous.

In the deli, if the customer says, " Oh, I don't like the first pieces of meat on a just opened ham because they are too small, can you cut in half?" We all know, that's a no no, but instead of arguing or telling the customer that it's not allowed or whatever you simply smile and say "yes sir, no problem" go cut it in half. The customer walks away with his ham, happy as a lark. If you give him attitude, they go up front, complain, the mgr comes to the deli and tells you to cut the meat in half, you get pissed and the customer gives you a smug smile. So the moral of this story is that whatever the customer wants is what you give them.

If you are unsure, then call your manager and let them decide.


I work at Publix and can honestly say some of the complaints are so lame and bogus. First off, the managers always side with the customer.

Right, wrong it does not matter. Some customers come in with a pissy attitude and because their life sucks they want to take someone else down with them. All they have to do is say that associate was not friendly or they were rude and the associate gets in trouble. There have been a couple times where I had witnesses that I did NOT do what the customer said, but they still look unkindly on us cuz that customer left the store unhappy.

Some people are just down right nasty. Most of my customers love coming thru my line, I make them laugh.'d think their face would crack if they smiled.

Some customers you greet them with a big smile and the look at you with a scowl with this Go To *** look on their face. I have seen it all.


Its not like its better somewhere else.When you think about it even if you have a job you still struggling think about if you dont have one.If havee to grade all the place I have been working Publix will have a A+ and all the other will have a F+.


Why are you so concerned about other customers' complaints? And how are you in the position to hear all the details of these complaints and then actually witness the manager chewing employees out??

It is OBVIOUS to me that you are no regular shopper as there is no way you are privy to customers complaining and then employees being disciplined. Nope.

I say, YOU WORK THERE. You work there, someone complained about you and you got yelled at.


Anonymous, your obvious assumption is wrong, I am retired and used to frequent publix every few days to shop, and yes I have witnessed the loser customers whine whine whine, do you happen to be one of those loser customers, I bet you are. I have a friend that works for publix and have heard it all, and yes I did see a Mgr once jump on an employee as I was standing right there, albeit it wasn't loud but I did hear the conversation because the customer "thought" the employee gave her a mad look, the employee did not do that I saw it. The customer was just an old woman who had nothing better to do but look for trouble, pitiful.


Well nobody should be getting yelled at to ***.k.I.n begin with. Treat adults with respect and not yell at them like a child. *** company...


In retail, the customer is always right.

True some customers require more assistance then others, but that is part of the job.

Every customer is treated the same.


If the customer is always right, then that means the employees is always wrong. How can that be?

When in your life are you always right or always wrong? This is the most ridiculous statement ever coined.

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