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I work(ed) in the Publix Greenwise store #1157, and can I say it is the WORST job experience I have EVER had. I suffer from numerous disabilities, and when my store closed, I was cut back from an average of 30-35 hours, to (literally) ZERO hours.

The harassment, discrimination, and unconscionably toxic work environment in my store were inconceivable. I actually collapsed twice from a combo. of my Diabetes, and stress TWICE in 3 1/2 weeks..And the second time, I was told I was going into cardiac arrest, that I had a 500 blood sugar level, and if I didn't go into the hospital immediately, "you'll be back here in 48 hours as a dead man". My former manager used to mock my disabilities (as did other associates), and undoubtedly have had my hours cut because I complained numerous times about the treatment to management (NONE of which were investigated - management refused to inform me of anything regarding my complaints, and told me to my face, "If the behavior stopped [which in most cases it DIDN'T], that's your proof we acted on it").

The store manager regularly watched employees and customers from her office like the Gestapo -I'm sure customers would LOVE to know they are being constantly being camera monitored. I witnessed the monitors in her office. I had one closing manager refuse to send me home when I nearly collapsed (a probable 'diabetic coma' onsetting), and told me that I might be terminated (a regular management threat) if I did not "go out and serve my customers". Forced in a near collapse situation to work, he would regularly pass by, smirking like a smart@ss, asking me over and over, "How're you doin'?".

Because Publix' retaliation, I have been left destitute, unable to pay with ANY hope my debts, am about to lose my apartment, and can not pay for either medical treatment or medication to treat my disabilities. Not only has Publix destroyed me, they have endangered my health to the point that, they have essentially "sentenced me to death". That is NOT n exaggeration. But I want EVERYBODY to know, what goes on when you walk into your Publix, and if you get shabby, poor treatment, now you know the reason why.

The slogan "A Great Place To Work" is the biggest joke perpetrated in business.

Stay FAR away from this company. I can provide documented PROOF of my statements here for anybody who wants to read them.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: My requirements will be discussed with the appropriate corporate individuals..

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I work at that store and know exactly who you are, there’s a reason your hours were cut, maybe you should invest in a mirror


Typical publix