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I am a handicapped woman with an emotional therapy dog who always shop at the Publix located in Town & Country shopping center; these last two times manager has stopped me saying tha I cannot bring my dog in the shopping cart. When I bring my 6 lbs dog I ALWAYS put a towel on the seat.

This is discriminatory as I’m a handicapped woman and cannot maneuver cart, shop and handle dog on leash. But most important my dog is an Emotional Therapy dog and I need him close to me. How does a cart that’s outside is cleaner than a dog that’s bathed every week and placed on top of a towel.

Your dirty cart is more of a health hazard. This is discrimination against a handicapped person.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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I believe it is a health code requirement now. It is posted in grocery stores now. There a sugns in both PUBLIX and Walmart.

#1665317 I've looked it up several time and suggest you do the same. On the ADA web site they explicitly explain that emotional support animals are NOT service dogs and do not have the same access.

Also, even service dogs are required to be on the floor on a leash unless there is a specific requirement that they be very close so they can actually smell you breath for certain diseases, even then they are required to be in a front carrier or pouch that you carry. None of them can ride in the basket, that's just your imagination.

It really doesn't matter what you THINK the rules should be, that's irrelevant. Actually check out the actual requirements then you will know what you're talking about.


Thank you! I am so sick of people crying" discrimination" because they feel the rules don't apply to them!


It’s a supermarket not Petco. They need to reduce the risk of disease. It’s not a personal attack.


Handicapped people have service dogs ... which do not ride in shopping carts. Go take your emotional dog and go shop at some disgusting store that allows animals and their pets to frolick about.


You are only allowed to bring a service dog to grocery stores..emotional support animal is not a service dog


No it's the law

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