Saint Petersburg, Florida

I shop at Publix almost every Sunday and never had an unpleasant experience with store #1394 St. Petersburg Fl.

On June 13th I called the store at 7:13am to order fried chicken for a church function to be ready 9 or 9:30am I was told that i would have to wait until 10:00am since that is the time the hot food comes out. I ask if i could speak with management someone answered the phone by the name Shara i explain to her the problem she said she couldn't do it because they had other orders when i explain to her that I know their process for preparing chicken that I also work for Publix she became very rude yelling in the phone then you should know! I ask to speak with store manager she put me on hold came back and said he's in a meeting how unprofessional is that! I hung up and called back to speak with the store manager the grocery manager took the call instead and the whole time he speaking to me the manager Shara in the background telling him what to say!

I would have gone to my store but this store is in direction I was going I just took my business across the street to Winn Dixie someone needs to talk with her about the way she speaks to customers. After all if we had NO Customers their wouldn't be a need for you ( SHARA) maybe you can get some pointers from MR.

Robert O. (Bakery) you seem a little wet behind the ears

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Publix Cons: Management poor customer service.

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Wow. So you thought that since you work at another store that made you so special that they should disregard everyone else's orders and take care of your last minute order first?

Everyone should just drop what they are doing to take care of you before anyone else? Maybe if you had ordered ahead of time (more than two hours, which is really not a lot of time for a personalized order) then you would not have had any trouble. Next time order the day before, at the very least. The hot food comes out at 10:00 am because it takes time to prep everything and get it ready in a safe manner.

They can't change that at the last minute, especially if there were orders ahead of yours. All of this is stuff you should know since you work at another store, which apparently makes you an expert.

I'm glad the managers stood their ground and did not let you bully your way to the front of the line. Maybe your church should spend less time eating chicken and more time learning about morals and respect.


IF you are such a smart Publix employee you would know you are on a general complaint site instead of the Publix web site.


Publix has a website?