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Publix Officials,

This is lengthy so I hope you read and learn from what I am about to express to you business wise. But being Publix I am skeptical since your business decisions are so unprofessional.

Publix has excellent workers (not managers) that are surely unrecognized for talent, skill and knowledge. Yet you reward them now with only a 10 to 15 cent an hour wage increase, truly an insult with no incentive to stay with Publix. There four stores in the area I work (I do work for Publix but am leaving) and there 10 people currently looking to leave Publix from those 4 stores. Even those with 10 years experience, as there so fed up with Publix now. Once family, employee oriented but not anymore and terrible pay increases. Store managers are extremely rude and the one in Perry I understand from at least 5 employees their, swears at the employees.

The decision to purchase 40 Albertson food stores in Florida gives an example of unwise business decisions and common business sense. Very high upper management revealed Publix (thought) the purchased stores had to only be remodeled and cleaned up in order to open them under Publix name. Once purchased, they discovered most now have to be totally gutted out and rebuild inside. Halting the building of new stores on the agenda.

This tells everyone that Publix didn't even have the sense to go to every store to examine the stores to see exactly what was involved in reopening them. All it would take was sending 10 people to go look and make a full report on 4 stores each. Obviously this didn't happen. So now it will cost Publix more. Since this purchaes they have halted buildng stores.

I have extensive experience in where I work at Publix. I grew up in business since a very young age and even had two very successful businesses I started on my own, including writing the bank proposals.

I have tried numerous times to talk to upper Publix managers (not store managers) on how to increase business sales in the department I work in. Every time I tried, all they could say is how much experience they have. Yet all they proved is how close-minded they are and actually know nothing about the business or business alone.

For the past two years I have been helping another major food store increase their sales by thousands of dollars a week in the department I have extensive experience, skills and knowledge. I was contacted by this food store personally by upper management and asked to help them generate higher sales and less waste. They mentioned they heard about my extensive experience, skills and knowledge in the field I am in. I was asked if I would go to one of their stores to help generate higher sales, less waste. So I accepted and spend 3 hours at the store. Sales where averaging 13-15 thousand dollars a week for major holidays. This store has less then half of what Publix has in this department.

By doing what I suggested and recommended their sales have now increased an average of 5-8 thousand a week for the holidays. They now generate 75% less waste, an increase of 1-3 thousand dollars weekly year round. I still help this company when needed. No, I do not accept pay from them.

When asked why I don't help Publix the company I work for, I mention they don't want to hear from experience and since it doesn't come from a manager they won't listen anyway. Also Publix goes 100% strictly by the book when it comes to giving customers products and doesn't listen to workers when customers want an item placed on the floor. The customer is forced to custom order the item. Most don't want to have to order or even wait.

In the past 3 weeks the store I work at for Publix has lost 5 customers (permanently) as they can't get what they want when their. The customers said they don't want to have to special order or have to come back. All said they would now be shopping at Kroger's and never return to Publix. Since they can get what they want when they walk in and not have to special order or wait.

Why does this occur? Publix goes 100% strictly by the book, hurting sales. I personally figured on just one item we couldn't feature because it isn't in the book, that Publix is loosing over $600,000.00 a year. I figured just 1000 stores not actual amount of stores they now have.

Publix has opportunities to lead the food store industry ahead of Kroger's. But with a closed mind, not listening to experience, skilled and knowledgeable works, having unskilled managers, I do not see that every coming to reality. Publix can have 3000 stores yet will be behind their #1 competitor Kroger's because of this.

I intend to go into business for myself again, as I know I can do very well and so much better. One of the businesses I formerly had, had customers from the east coast to west coast, north to south. I acquired these customers in just 6 months.

I hope this has opened your eyes on the potential you have on leading the food store industry and keeping employees from leaving for a company that still cares, listens, acts upon and takes care of its employees, including decent wage increases.

Sincerely,Mr. Michaels

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I work at Publix, and this has to be the worst place I have ever worked. low pay scale, constant disrespect form managers and very long wait for health insurance.

bad job choice. imo


Publix has indeed list its spirit because they are not promoting enough from within, and the founder died. Most family owned companies only last through three generations.

Publix is going down the tubes.


I can hear your frustration, I work for Publix and have also tried to offer some helpful suggestions. I believe in the spirit of Publix, I'm afraid it is the spirit of the passed.

The fact that we are writing on this site rather than, being able to speak with our Mgr. with the open-door policy. I am most concerned with the way we are treated. Publix already is not the company it was originally was meant to be, when a consciences gentlemen had a vision.

I'm sincerely sorry for all- consumer, employees and Mr. George Jennkin's dream.


You should have voiced your complaints on here: Those are the phones to complain / discuss to Publix

Main Publix Switchboard - (863) 688-1188

Publix Stockholder Services - (863) 688-1188 x-52323

Publix Super Markets Corporate Office

ATTN: Consumer Relations

PO Box 407

Lakeland, FL 33802-0407

800-242-1227 (store-related comments only)


How do you sleep at night. Do you think Publix would spend money and not have any idea what they were getting involved today, especially the way the economy is.

You Sir are an Ex employee whom got fired for not doing your job or you are so full of *** you don't know you don't now your full of ***.

because everything you mentioned is ***. You Suck

P.S> Go Publix :x


Wow, all I saw was me me me me me me I'm the greatest thing ever, yet the businesses you so successfully ran, probably into the ground, are....where? If you paid any attention to your surroundings while working and took your head out of your rear, you would have noticed there are ways to go about submitting your ideas that didn't involve calling Ed Crenshaw personally.

You being, I'm guessing, a produce clerk suggesting to carry another variety of apple because one customer asked for it, doesn't make you the end-all be-all of the retail world. Get a clue and go run another business into the ground


I had a perfect bowling game until I rolled my first ball.

You had a very informative letter until you

expressed it to others.

What you see in others, you see in yourself.


Mr. Michael's...get an education and learn how to spell...then work someplace else..some one may want your level of skill...




This post is so *** I hardly know where to begin.

More than half of the Albertsons purchased are already open as Publix stores and more are coming on line weekly. Publix did a very thorough job of evaluating what stores needed to be gutted and which ones didn't.


You proceed to rant and rave, but it is a shame that you can't spell. Now that is sheer stupidity no matter how much you make think that you are intelligent


First of all, you need to learn to spell and proofread what you write. Your credibility was gone when you continued to use there instead of their.

Secondly, you have brilliantly proved what a piece of *** employee you are. You trash Publix while employed by Publix? You work for the competition while employed by Publix? You have owned more than one company and plan to start another.

Why are you employed by Publix? If you are such a successful entrepeneur why do you work in a position you obviously hate?


Mr. Michael's,

You need to quit know while your ahead of the game.

Go open your own business and become a success.

Publix doesn't need you or the other 4.

Remember the grass is always greener on the other side...

good luck and good riddance